The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where you prep all of your meals, where your family gathers after a long day, where you might often host guests. Your kitchen plays an important role in your day to day life and unfortunately, that means that it has the potential to get cluttered quickly! Here are some quick tips to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized.

Maximize your Cabinet Space

Reorganizing your cabinets can be an easy way to make your kitchen feel clean and clutter free! Move most used items towards the bottom shelves so that they’re easy to reach.

Clean out your Fridge

We can agree that we all fall victim to leaving things in the fridge for too long from time to time. Keeping your fridge (and your pantry!) cleaned out can lift a huge weight when it comes to feeling like your kitchen is more organized. Remember to throw things in the trash or compost when they expire. Looking for a better way to store your food? You can get clear, plastic containers to store things in your fridge or even for dry items in your pantry.

Hang things up

Getting things up off the counter is a great way to keep your new Cutstone countertop clean and clutter free and one of the easiest ways to do this is to hang utensils, mugs, and pots and pans up. A pot rack, hooks, or magnetic knife racks can do just the trick.

Organize your Drawers

Drawers can be the number one place in your kitchen that can get cluttered the most. A great way to keep them organized is to get expandable dividers. These drawers can be adjusted so that you can fit all of your utensils or items in your “junk” drawer.

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