Chances are, if there is any room in your home that you’ve been dreaming about renovating or remodeling, it’s probably your kitchen! As one of the most used spaces in your home, it’s important that it fills the needs of your family, fits your style, and doesn’t break your bank. There are a few things to think about when your wanting to remodel, before you start deciding to tear down walls and rip out your flooring. 

Setting a budget

When starting your renovation, it’s important to be realistic about the cost of materials. Sometimes, bigger projects can end up taking a bit longer than expected and can cost more money because of this. It’s a good rule of thumb to add about 10 to 20 percent to your budget to account for unplanned expenses and the chance of the project going over time. 

Research Research Research 

During this phase, browse through different kitchen layouts online, in magazines, or by touring open houses! This helps you visualize what you might want your kitchen to look like and helps come up with some other ideas that you might not have thought of before. Plan some trips to kitchen showrooms to compare products, prices, and ask questions about specific materials. You can give us a visit at our showroom to check out some of our countertop and sink options! 

Think about Quality

With how much traffic comes through your kitchen daily, it’s good to consider purchasing quality materials (within your budget of course!) You’ll want to have both high-quality and functional aspects that are not only good for your use but also for resale value should you decide to list your home in the future. Purchasing high-quality materials helps ensure that you won’t need to do the renovation process all over again and lets you get more bang for your buck! At Cutstone Company, we pride ourselves in being the leader in residential custom countertops. We provide a variety of high-quality, custom countertop options, such as natural stone, quartz, edges, and sinks, as well as any other special requirements. 

Get a Second Opinion

Bringing in a contractor or your designer can be great in helping you get a clear understanding of what is capable in your space! Tell them about what your hopes are in renovating your kitchen and ask their advice on things you’re unsure about. Hearing from an expert will be beneficial in turning your kitchen into the space of your dreams!

Have any questions about renovating or how our countertops can complete your dream space? Call us today and let’s get started! (205) 378-0765