Kitchen Countertops for Homeowners in Birmingham, AL

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Kitchen Countertops in Birmingham, AL

We, at the Cutstone Company, cut our teeth in the residential business. Because of that, helping homeowners pick out and install their personalized granite countertops or marble fireplaces is truly exciting.

Our experts are just that, experts. They have been trained to maneuver and design stone surfaces that catch the eye of a consumer and do not break the budget. If your kitchen countertops are not perfection, we have not done our job. As a result, we take special care to only complete projects in which we can be proud, and to leave you with an amazing home.

When you buy your stone from us, you will receive personalized treatment from a company that just wants to see your home take the next step up. If you have no idea where to start, our professionals can assist you by interviewing you regarding your perceived style and usage for the surfaces in your area. We know there is likely no bigger investment than your home, and we look forward to turning your dreams into a reality.

With all the great options around town, we are happy you chose us for your residential stone needs. We have many different stone options to choose from for your project and commit to providing products and services at a price you can afford.

Check out our products tab to see all of the amazing stone options we have for you or take a look at our gallery.

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