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How To Choose Between Granite & Quartz

When it comes to selecting the ideal material for kitchen countertops, homeowners are faced with a plethora of options, each boasting unique characteristics and benefits.

Among the many different choices you have for material for kitchen countertops, granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble consistently stand out as some of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops.

Let’s take a look at the most popular materials for kitchen countertops, comparing their features and advantages and learning why they remain favored choices among homeowners.

Granite Countertops

sleek granite countertop design

Renowned for its natural beauty and durability, granite is considered by many to be the best material to use for kitchen countertops. Formed from molten rock deep within the earth, granite is renowned for its unique veining, specks, and patterns, making each slab one-of-a-kind.

Its durability and resistance to heat, scratches, and stains make it an excellent choice for high-traffic kitchen areas. Granite countertops require sealing to prevent staining, but with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

This makes them a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking both beauty and longevity in their kitchen surfaces.

Quartz Countertops


Quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces composed of approximately 90% ground quartz and 10% resins, pigments, and other additives. This manufacturing process results in a non-porous surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and bacteria.

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops because it is exceptionally hygienic and low-maintenance. Unlike natural stone, quartz countertops do not require sealing, offering homeowners a hassle-free solution for their kitchen surfaces.

Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, quartz countertops provide versatility and consistency in both appearance and performance. They’re a very popular choice for modern kitchens.

Quartzite Countertops

Often confused with quartz, quartzite is a natural stone that is extremely durable and heat-resistant. Quartzite countertops are even tougher than granite, and the veins and colors of quartzite give it a marble-like appearance.

Featuring intricate veining and vibrant hues, quartzite countertops are elegant and durable, making them an appealing choice for homeowners seeking a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops in Commercial Spaces

Marble countertops are timelessly elegant and sophisticated. These gorgeous countertops are characterized by their distinctive veining and luminous surface. Formed from limestone subjected to intense heat and pressure, marble is softer and more porous than granite.

This does mean that it is susceptible to scratching, staining, and etching from acidic substances. Despite its higher maintenance requirements, many homeowners are drawn to marble for its unparalleled beauty and luxurious appeal.

While marble countertops may develop a patina over time, some view this as part of its charm, adding character and depth to the kitchen space.

What Is The Best Material To Use For Kitchen Countertops?

granite or quartz

When comparing the most popular materials for kitchen countertops, there are several key factors to consider.


Granite and quartzite are known for their exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and stains, making them ideal choices for high-traffic kitchen environments.

Engineered quartz offers excellent durability due to its engineered composition. Marble, while exquisite in appearance, is more prone to scratching and staining and requires diligent maintenance to preserve its beauty.


Quartz countertops require the least amount of maintenance, as they are non-porous and do not require sealing.

Granite and quartzite countertops require periodic sealing to prevent staining and bacteria growth, while marble necessitates more frequent sealing and careful handling to mitigate potential damage from spills and acidic substances.

Your fabricator can help you with the sealing schedule.


Each material offers unique aesthetic qualities, from the bold patterns and earthy tones of granite to the sleek, consistent appearance of quartz. Quartz comes in the greatest variety of colors, since it is a manufactured stone.

All four types of material for kitchen countertops bring a unique look to your space, so be sure to look at samples with your fabricator to choose your favorite.

The choice of material for kitchen countertops ultimately depends on a homeowner’s preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble each offer distinct advantages and aesthetic appeal, catering to a diverse range of tastes and requirements.

Whether prioritizing durability, low maintenance, or luxurious aesthetics, there is a kitchen countertop material to suit every need and style preference. If you’re ready for new kitchen countertops, contact us at Cutstone for more information and a free estimate today!

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