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Quartz Countertops in Birmingham, AL

Would you like all of the beauty of a stone countertop without the hassle of worrying whether or not you are going to damage the area? We have the perfect product for you! Unlike natural stone, Quartz does not require sealing. It is scratch, heat, and stain-resistant, making it our most easily maintained and reliable surface for countertops. We specialize in QCambriaCaesarstoneCosmos, and Silestone materials, in addition to many other brands, giving clients a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Quartz (also referred to as “engineered stone”) has the reputation for being a very durable product. It is an exceptional choice for virtually any indoor application, but is not suitable for outdoor areas.  The only time quartz surfaces would have to be replaced is when you are simply tired of looking at them.

We carry all the major quartz brands.

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