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Kitchen Islands in 2021

2021, the year of fabulous yet functional!

Kitchen Islands are supposed to be helpful, beautiful, and flow with the movement of the kitchen. Many kitchens are flowing with the open concept trends of today, but if yours does not and you are dreaming up a new vision for your kitchen we have the show for you to get your creative juices flowing. As of January 1, 2021, Netflix added the second season of Dream Home Makeover by Studio McGee and we are LOVING the kitchens that have been covered throughout the season... Did we watch the entire second season in one day??? Maybe… but we are not ones to judge! 

Shea McGee, owner, and designer of Studio Mcgee and Mcgee & Co. is taking the kitchen designs by storm and we are here for it! The Studio Mcgee design is known for full-service interior design but not only do they work on the interior design, but they also help understand the flow of a kitchen. Shae works with contractors and local Utah companies to produce the look that she has poured over with her client. Locally sourced stone is something that brings so much character and adds value to any home, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, or even a desk space, now that so many work from home full time!

In Domino’s article Shae talks over ideas for viewers who are thinking about renovating their kitchen (the room is the McGees’ specialty). If you follow the couple on Instagram, you know they love a spacious prep surface. “Kitchen islands have evolved to look more like furniture instead of just cabinets out of the box,” says Shea. “It’s one trend I hope doesn’t go away.” for their own home, Shea designed an extra structure to be all open shelving. The addition allows you to achieve a more layered, lived-in look by offering space to display found objects or extra dishware. This can also be a space where a breakfast space is added in and helps balance the open floor plan.

The idea of combining two beautiful countertop styles in your kitchen might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a relatively cut-and-dried process. It all boils down to balance, color coordination, and effortlessly mixing different materials. Sticking to hues with the same undertones should be a goal. If you're going with a warmer marble, opt for a granite with warm taupe or brown undertones. If you choose a marble island with cool gray veins, dark gray or black granite would make ideal perimeter countertops.

A few tips to keep in mind, and to ask about when you start to look for your preferred materials:


  • Pay Attention to Patterns
  • Coordinate With Accent Colors
  • Balance Dark With Light
  • Create an Accent Piece on Your Island, this can be added in shelving or an area that will create a focal point that stands out, especially if the rest of your kitchen’s color scheme is neutral or muted.
  • Mix Materials

If you're undecided between two polar-opposite materials, there's good news: You can use both. It's common to pair both engineered surfaces such as quartz and porcelain with natural surfaces like granite and soapstone. You can even mix two different types of stone (travertine with granite, for instance). Many local textiles such as marble, granite, and even recycled glass would all be beautiful additions to your new kitchen island. At Cutstone Co., we work directly with the contractor you have chosen for your residential countertops in Birmingham, AL to ensure we are able to get that nice waterfall edge or the perfect marble to contrast your new oak floors! 

As we watch Dream Home Makeover and fall in love with the stories told throughout the show, we cannot help but think about our clients and how we work tirelessly to put dreams into reality because everyone, yes EVERYONE, deserves their Dream Home! Contact us today to unveil your dream residential countertops in Birmingham, AL!

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