3 Surprising Facts about Marble

It’s time to talk all about marble!

Whether or not to use marble in your home is one of the greatest debates of all time. Even if your heart is set on the creamy white stone, designers and contractors will try to talk you into choosing more durable alternatives, such as quartz. And while quartz is beautiful in its own right, there is just something about the look of marble, with its classic white and gray veining, that you can’t get from any other stone.

We get a lot of questions from homeowners about marble, and whether or not it’s a good investment in their space. Many are nervous about taking the plunge, concerned the beautiful stone may be a little too high maintenance for their lifestyle. But we are here to reassure you that you can have those creamy marble countertops and floors in your home! While marble does require a bit more attention than other natural stones, you may be surprised by the advantages of choosing marble for your space.

Read through and decide for yourself if marble in your home is right for you!


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Just because marble is deemed a “high-maintenance” stone doesn’t mean that caring for is difficult or time-consuming! While marble does need to be sealed regularly, the job is simple. Other than sealing periodically, protecting your marble amounts to using a cutting board and blotting up spills with a sponge or soft cloth as soon as you notice them. This will prevent acidic substances from etching and damaging your stone. For more detail on cleaning marble, you can click here.


It’s no accident that many famous monuments are covered in marble. Other than it being a symbol of wealth, marble is known for naturally being cool to the touch, which naturally cools down your home in hot climates and summertime heat. You can even install marble in your outdoor space, such as around a pool deck or on a patio, to keep your feet from burning! Make sure if you are using marble outdoors to choose the right finish to prevent slipping in damp areas. We recommend a tumbled finish.


Dust mites, mold and pet dander are a few common allergens and asthma triggers that can be found in your home. Replacing your carpet with a natural stone, such as polished marble, is an easy way to remove allergens in your home.


Still debating on whether or not marble in your home is right for you?
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