Tips for Using Onyx Countertops in Your Home

If you’re looking for a new countertop that will add class and beauty to your kitchen, then you’ve probably considered both marble and granite. These are two of the most common materials because they offer stunning beauty with incredible durability. But, if you want to make a statement in your home, then we suggest opting for something a little more unique!

Ever wonder why Onyx isn’t talked about often in the world of natural stones? Probably because it’s best known for its delicate nature, leaving homeowners unsure if they are able to keep up with the extra care it requires. However, at Cutstone, we only use stones that are carefully inspected and considered, guaranteeing our clients the best product. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of fragile, soft natural stones, then Onyx may just be the countertop choice for you!

Here are our tips for caring for your Onyx Countertops, while still getting the best use out of them on a daily basis.


Sealing your Onyx countertop will help maintain its shine and make the most of its durability. Because this is one of the most critical steps, it is usually best done by a professional. Onyx usually needs resealing every 1-3 years, so remember to keep up with a sealing schedule.

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While cleaning may be your least favorite part of countertop maintenance, a regular cleaning schedule is a vital step for this type of stone. Because this material is calcium based and reacts easily with acids, it’s important to check the labels on your cleaning products. When choosing a cleaner, make sure the ingredients contain all natural products and no acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lemon.

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Always consider the placement of Onyx in your home. Since it is so delicate, we suggest placing in a spot that doesn’t receive a ton of use – think more decorative instead of work space. You may also using the material for your kitchen island, and use a different stone material for the rest of your kitchen. This way the material will receive less normal daily use. If you plan to use it for your entire kitchen countertop, plan for the extra expense of having them refinished periodically.

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