5 Ways to Use Granite in Commercial Spaces

When decorating commercial spaces, marble and granite are the two most popular stones people go for. Both of these natural stones offer beauty, versatility, and strength, as well as great curb appeal. However, granite is preferred due to its resistance to stains and scratches. The use of granite in commercial spaces is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Granite is a popular material used to construct public spaces like hotels, airports, shopping malls, and railway stations. It is a durable material available in various colors and finishes, making it an ideal choice for architects and builders. It is also less likely to suffer from wear and tear compared to marble.

Here are your five best options:

1. Reception Tops

The reception area of a business is the first area that customers and clients see when they visit. It is important to make a good first impression, and granite is a good material to use in this area to make it look luxurious and professional. Granite reception desks will add a sense of elegance to the welcome desk or waiting room and help to convey the necessary information about the company to visitors.

2. Accents

You can use granite in various interesting and unique ways for your commercial space. From accent walls to sculptures and logos, you can find a granite slab that will fit your company’s aesthetic. Our experienced stone masons can help you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to match your corporate style.

3. Conference Room Tables

Granite tables are a great addition to any conference room, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. They will give your space a modern and sophisticated look while protecting it from any damage. Granite is known for its impressive strength and resilience, ensuring that your conference room will look great for many years.

4. Flooring

Granite is an excellent choice for flooring projects because of its robustness and endurance. It is tougher than ordinary flooring materials and comes in various finishes, making it suitable for any design scheme. You can install granite slabs and tiles without any extra work, and it will always add a touch of sophistication to the area.

5. Walls

Granite is an excellent material to use when creating a stylish and attractive display area. It can be used to construct walls, tables, worktops, and tabletops, giving a unique and luxurious look to any room. Its durability and natural beauty make it a popular choice for art galleries and jewelry stores, which often use it to enhance their displays.


Granite is a great material that can be used in a variety of ways to create a unique and beautiful design in commercial spaces. It can be used for wall cladding, flooring, countertops, and other applications. It is a durable material that is low maintenance and easy to clean. Granite can also be customized to fit any design style, offering an endless array of possibilities. It is an excellent choice for creating an inviting and inviting atmosphere in any commercial space.

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