Benefits of Marble

Marble Countertops: A Classic and Practical Choice

Marble Countertops in Birmingham, AL

Marble has long been considered a high-quality material for building. It has been used to create some of the most celebrated sculptures and structures on the planet, and you can have it in your kitchen. What other benefits can a marble countertop bring to your home? Read on to discover a few of them.

Easy on the Bank Account

Although beyond gorgeous, marble countertops in Birmingham, AL, are not as expensive as you might think. Of course, the final price of your countertop will depend on many things (such as your level of customization), but marble often costs less than both granite and quartz.


Marble is tough and will last you a long time. Its characteristics and composition as a natural stone make it impervious to scratching and breaking. Although not as hard as certain other countertop materials, marble is plenty strong enough to resist the normal wear and tear of a modern kitchen.


If you’re looking for something with big style, then you can’t go wrong with marble countertops in Birmingham, AL. Marble is its own benchmark in style. Many synthetic countertops seek to imitate its look, but nothing can duplicate the beauty of true marble.

Resists Heat

Bakers love marble countertops because they are heat-resistant. You can put a pie or a pizza on the counter and the counter will not rise above room temperature. It’s the perfect overflow countertop for hot stove and oven dishes when you run out of space while cooking up a feast.

Easy to Customize

You can choose any number of shapes for your marble countertop. Because it’s softer than other stones, professional customizers can work it several different ways without cracking or splitting. This characteristic allows for exciting patterns on the countertop edges.

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