Best Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas for 2019

We know Christmas is right around the corner and there’s a good chance you already have your holiday decorations down from the attic, your tree is up, your stockings hung by the chimney with care, and your living room is basking in all the Christmas glory! But one place that often gets neglected from all the festivities, the kitchen. There are so many fun touches you could do to include your kitchen in the holiday fun and we’ve got just the ideas for you!


The go-to holiday decoration! Whether added above your sink, or around your custom Cutstone countertops, it can make any part of your kitchen the focal point. It also comes in so many styles and colors that you can pick out what matches well with your home!

Mini Trees

Who says there has to be only one tree? Not us! Although unless you’ve got a kitchen with a ton of space, having a 6 foot tree isn’t ideal. However, you can pick up a mini tabletop tree to place on your kitchen table or island to bring a little bit of the living room festivities into the kitchen.

Dish Towels

The easiest way to add some holiday cheer into your kitchen? Dish towels! It’s so easy to change them out for any season. You can do a simple red or green combo or have fun with it and pick up some with Christmas sayings, Santa, or reindeer.


A wreath is makes a great decoration for the kitchen or dining room. Because they’re hanging on an empty wall, they’re up and out of the way so that your working space isn’t crowded. They’re a great statement piece for any room!

Do you have new countertops on your Christmas wishlist? Whether it’s for your kitchen or your bathroom, Cutstone is here to help! Give us a call today (205) 624-3538

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