Budget Tips for Kitchen Remodels

The first thing you typically notice when you walk into someone’s kitchen is one of three things: the cabinets, the counters, or the floors. Of course, everyone’s goal is to have the most unique and well-designed kitchen, but that doesn’t make it any easier with all of the expenses that come with it. Whether your kitchen needs a total renovation or just a few updates here and there, here are some ways to get the kitchen of your dreams, without the heavy price tag.


New cabinets are typically one the bigger expenses of a kitchen renovation, so why not work with what you have? If it is a simply a matter of outdated cabinet color or design, consider giving them a fresh new look with a little paint. A shade of white is a great choice if your goal is to brighten up your kitchen. On the other hand, if there is no turning back from the damage done to your cabinets, consider sprucing them up with new doors or knobs. Salvage what you can of your cabinets and go from there.


Although the team here at Cutstone can be a little biased towards our products, granite is a solid choice for a countertop upgrade. This stone is the easiest to find, making it one of the least expensive to install. With our wide selection of the beautiful material, there is sure to be the perfect match for your unique kitchen. If you plan to splurge a little, try out of a few of our other stone countertop options!

kitchen floor

While hardwood floors are the most popular option nowadays, dare to be different! Travertine tile has been a secret favorite of homeowners due to its incredible durability, easy repair and smooth natural surface. This type of material is a great choice, and one that we are positive will leave your kitchen looking priceless.

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