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5 Buying Tips to Get the Best Deals on Quartz Countertops

Nothing compares to having an excellent kitchen—even more when it’s a custom-built area in a home. Most families dream of using a kitchen that’s made to last, with great design and a fantastic aesthetic. However, sourcing contractors to create a commercial custom countertop as part of the kitchen design process may come off as expensive.

Kitchen countertops are excellent additions to a bare kitchen. It is a place where people can prepare their meals and create room for more storage for other kitchen materials that they may need to put away at times. Finding the best deals for a kitchen countertop should be on every household’s list, eliminating some of the costs associated with the installation. But how can people get the best deals on quartz countertops? Here are some buying tips.

1. Source Materials from a Small Store

Budget is always a question when home remodeling. However, there are ways to lessen the costs, and one of them is by sourcing the materials from a small store. On average, bigger and more established stores usually price their items higher to the point that it becomes too much. Why buy from them when you can get the exact items for less in small stores?

Besides, small stores also carry other items that might not be in commercial hardware.  Buying quartz slabs from small stores is more cost-effective to save money and get the best options. Some stores even allow customers to bargain, bringing down the costs even more.

2. Consider the Quartz Slab’s Thickness

Quartz slabs come in standard sizes: 12 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm. The more it gets thicker, the more expensive it becomes. Although thicker slabs may be better and more robust, they are also more costly than thinner variations.

During the planning procedure, make sure to consult a designer or an architect on which slab thickness suits your kitchen countertop’s needs best. Allow professionals to inspect your current space and let them identify which thickness works right for your area.

3. Select a Simpler Quartz Slab Design

Another factor that increases a quartz slab’s market price is the intricate designs that make it up. The slab’s complex edge may cause its price to shoot up, making it more impossible to achieve the best deals possible. Allow the quartz’s beauty to stand out from the countertop rather than let other design elements outshine it.

4. Balance Quality and Price

When purchasing, the mindset of most people is to go for the lowest price possible. However, most of the time, the cheapest items in the market could fail to meet your needs. When buying a quartz slab for a countertop, try to balance quality and price—two factors that make your purchase worthwhile. Do not go for something too cheap or too expensive. Instead, try to find the middle ground and stick with it.

5. Hire Professional Contractors

Although quartz seems like a durable material, it’s a fragile mineral that may break upon impact. Hiring professionals to install it should make the process easier and safer. Say goodbye to broken quartz slabs and stay cost-efficient as much as possible.


Adding a kitchen countertop to a bare kitchen is always an excellent way to improve the area. It benefits the family living in the home and adds value to the overall household. By adding a custom countertop, the house may cost more when sold in the future.

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