How to Choose a Contractor For Your Home Project

When it comes to choosing a contractor, you have to do your homework! An experienced contractor can make all the difference in your home remodeling project. And just like any important decision, it takes a bit of researching to find the best person for the job. While the research and interview process may seem daunting, you’ll sleep better knowing that your renovation project and home is in the right hands.




Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips for handling the task of finding the best contractor for the job:

  1. GET REFERRALS: Just like hunting for a skillful hair stylist or a nurturing doctor, you probably trust your friends and family to recommend professionals that have a solid reputation. So before you go hunting the internet, start with word-of-mouth referrals first. Ask relatives, coworkers or neighbors whether their experience with similar projects was positive, and if they would rehire the contractor for another project.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH: Once you have received a good amount of recommendations, it’s time to start researching. Whether you give the company a call or visit their website, you will need to find out everything you can about the potential hire. Most states require home improvement contractors to be licensed and registered, so start by verifying that each of your candidates is properly licensed. Next, do a background check. Lastly (but certainly not least!), make sure the contractor has insurance. While the researching process may seem tedious, it’s important, especially if the renovation is costly, to make sure that you are doing business with a company that is reliable, stable and trustworthy.
  3. INTERVIEW: Setting up face-to-face meetings with potential contractors is a great way to communicate about the project, and ask plenty of questions about the renovation process. If you were interviewing a candidate for a job, you would probably ask them about their work history, a project they are most proud of and relevant experience. The same questions apply to your contractor. For a full list of questions to ask a contractor before you sign your contract, click here.
  4. CONTRACT: Every project, no matter how small, should have a contract that outlines every detail about the renovation – from which granite countertop company you’ll use to the exact types of edge profiles. From the start date to the materials that will be used, make sure it’s all in writing. With a contract, you are less likely to have a dispute with your contractor, and if a disagreement does arise, you’ll be able to look back and see what was agreed upon. Before signing, it’s important to really analyze the contract to make sure it’s fair.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Job Description
  • Payment Schedule
  • Duration of Work
  • Details of Costs and Materials


At Cutstone, we work directly with you to achieve your goals. Even so, we know that the process can be overwhelming. If you are feeling anxious about your home project, check out our process checklist for both you and your contractor! 

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