5 Beautiful Countertop Edges Perfect for Your Home

When it comes to updating your new kitchen countertops, you always have a variety of options. One thing you can choose for certain is your counter edge. These edges have different purposes and have different impacts on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

The right edge of your countertop is critical; it’s an extension of your cabinetry and should complement your overall design. A properly accented countertop edge will draw the eye upward toward the cabinetry, creating a seamless look throughout the kitchen.

Find out what popular countertop edge options are available, what they look like, and when you should consider them for your next countertop project.

1. Bullnose Edges

Bullnose edges are rounded, giving a beautifully curved profile to your kitchen countertops. Their rounded shape helps to soften the transition between the kitchen cabinets and the countertop.

Bullnose edges are more than just attractive; they are also quite durable and easy to maintain. They are the best and safest choice for families with small children who love to run around the kitchen.

2. Beveled Edges

Beveled edges have a high, straight slope that offers a smooth transition between your countertop and cabinets. They create a distinct sharp border that offers refinement and elegance to kitchen countertops. This style is a popular choice for both kitchens as it will help to hide any imperfections and create a smooth transition between your cabinet and countertop.

When you choose beveled edges, you can choose the level, depending on the designers and manufacturers of the countertops. This type of edge may be a bit expensive compared to the other types of edge but can be worth it because of the beautiful clean effect.

3.  Ogee Edges

Ogee edges are strikingly curvy, just like a soft “S” curve. They can be applicable for most cabinet materials but can be exquisitely beautiful on stone materials. This edge adds a subtle, clean finish to your countertop, and it can be a great option for those looking to make a statement with their backsplash.

The unique shape of ogee edges creates a dramatic feel to your kitchen countertops that are perfect for a transitional or contemporary kitchen. Some of the major benefits of this style of edge include its ability to hide any minor imperfections on the surface of the countertop, making it a great choice for slightly bowed surfaces. Because of this, ogee edges may be more expensive because of the intricate form.

4. Eased Edges

Eased edges have flat sides and slight curve corners, perfect for small kitchens with limited space. This style is a great option for most countertop styles but really shines on the butcher block, granite, and marble countertops. 

This type of edge is also great for people looking for a reasonable price without compromising a smooth and clean profile. Eased edges work best in almost all types of kitchen spaces, from traditional to contemporary ones.

5. Mitered Edges

Mitered edges are great for cabinetry that is visible from multiple angles, such as the kitchen island. This type of edge is created by combining two 45-degree angle pieces to form a seamless, uninterrupted 90-degree edge. Because this style of edge is smooth and even, it provides a very clean, elegant look to your kitchen, no matter what kind of countertop you have.

But, in order to achieve this, you will need a skilled carpenter to cut the corners. The best way to achieve the perfect mitered counter edge is to choose a material that will seamlessly blend with the cabinetry.


There are a lot of countertop-edge options available for you to choose from. It all depends on the type of finish and touch you want to create in your kitchen. Whichever look you want to achieve, counter edge options are a great choice because they are a quick and affordable way to create a stunning new look in your kitchen!

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