3 Tips for Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Tired of constantly running from the patio to the kitchen during family BBQs and holiday parties? Then it may be time to invest in an outdoor prepping station! An outdoor kitchen is not only a great way to boost your home’s value, but it also provides the perfect space for hosting. Here are some tips for transforming your unused patio into a functional workspace that is welcoming and entertaining for your guests!



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Durability is key to an outdoor kitchen, so it’s best to choose a low-maintenance stone. Certain types of granite are great countertop choices for both beauty and longevity because they are able to withstand outdoor conditions – think rain, heat, and snow! A handful of engineered products are also suitable for outdoor use.  A durable stone is also able to handle a hot pot and resist stains and grease.


When planning an outdoor entertaining space, it’s important to think about the layout. Will a certain design isolate the cook from the rest of the party? Does the entertaining space coexist with the prep and serve station? Consider the flow of traffic and incorporate these elements into the design process. And don’t forget to plan enough counter space for multiple people working in the kitchen at once!


The great thing about outdoor kitchen plans is that they are easy to customize. Unlike the indoor kitchen, your outdoor space isn’t necessarily defined by walls and doors that surround it, which gives you the ability to go above and beyond! Maybe you want to add a built-in mini fridge to avoid extra trips indoors, build a custom space for your grill, or maybe you want to add a rinsing sink for dirty dishes! Think about how you will be entertaining your guests, and add a few extras into your space to make it truly your own.


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