Discovering Granite Basics: What’s the Best for Your Property?

Granite countertops have been synonymous with home opulence and durability for decades. Many people choose granite countertops and determine the colors they like, but they are often astonished to realize how many different varieties of granite there are to pick from. There are so many hues, patterns, and compositions of granite countertops for your liking.

Identifying Basic Granite Components

The intrusive flow of magma creates granite, combining numerous minerals and rocks into a tough and distinctively grained compound rock structure. When magma flows beneath the surface, it may displace softer minerals before forming the remaining hard minerals.

In pure magma under the earth’s surface, additional minerals are imprisoned in granite grains, giving granite its distinctive grain structure. 

Interestingly, the rate at which the magma cools and other minerals settle inside the liquid mass due to rocks’ crystalline structure determines the grain size of granite.

Due to its robust composition, granite is highly durable for practical usage. After diamonds, it is the second hardest natural stone you can find on Earth.

Granite Color Differences

The composition of the magma and the minerals therein define the texture and color of your granite. That’s why it has a diverse spectrum of hues, such as white, black, gray, and pink.

People can often source different granite grains and hues from various quarries worldwide. The natural stone’s mineral makeup varies by region.

On the other hand, the grain color results from the stone minerals enclosed by the initial flow of magma. To be ranked as granite, the stone must have about 20 percent quartz in the form of chips or veins.

Selecting the Best Granite for a Property

How do you choose the perfect kind of granite design with over three hundred variations available in the market today?

Here are considerations you need to check before settling on what you want for your home:

The Color of Your Granite Foundation 

Always begin with your granite foundation color. While each natural granite slab is different, you can select a color scheme for your granite design. Granites are available in various colors, including white, black, cream, pink, grey, gold, and brown. Highly coarse granites frequently forego a base hue in favor of a striking multi-tone palette.

Determine what hues you like, and select the granite hues depending on what would appear best in your design.

Grain Color Design

Naturally, you’ll want to compliment accent colors that are currently present in your design. Sort your granite alternatives based on the colors in the grains. 

For instance, black granite along with amber-colored grains may be the ideal finishing touch for an industrial home kitchen design. Light-colored granite with colored grains would look great in a country-style kitchen or a minimalist one. 

Ultimately, you can choose from different types. Whatever your design style is, you’ll find the granite that will suit your preference best. 

The Grain Size

There are many diverse sizes and types of grain to pick. Be guided by your aesthetic sense. Some granites include wave veins that give the rock a faint feeling of movement. On the other hand, others have a consistent design of stone chips throughout. The grain size is frequently more critical in higher-grade granite.

Slab’s Thickness

Finally, select granite slab thickness that will serve as your countertop. Again, the granite grade determines the stone thickness and cut or requires a backboard for support. Thinner slabs are more inexpensive while retaining the elegance of granite. Meanwhile, thicker slabs are presumably more durable.


Once you’ve decided on granite, inquire about its origins. This will assist you in making a final choice and serve as a great narrative about your fresh new countertops. Your chosen design will not only be attractive and long-lasting, but it will also tell a story.

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