Getting Your Kitchen Ready for Spring!

Spring is finally approaching, bringing summer fever with it. Don’t let your house chores get in the way of all of this season’s potential. Here are 3 steps for getting your kitchen ready for spring, leaving you more time to sit back and enjoy some rays!


Spring cleaning comes with one of the most time-consuming jobs of all: organizing your home. Not only do you have to clean out the refrigerator to make room for your new market veggies, but you also have to declutter the pantry, cupboards, and those countertops. We suggest starting with your least favorite area and working your way to the fun part, the fridge (mostly because you can have a few strawberries here and there as you work!)

organized kitchen


Break out those spring decorations! That includes all of the bright colored flowers your heart desires. Don’t forget to switch out the winter tablecloth too! Fruits can also be a fun (and edible) decoration this time of year, bringing a nice pop of color to your counter space. Spring is not only a good season for redecorating, but also for remodeling. If you are looking to add a better and brighter countertop to your home, check out some of Cutstone’s products today.


It’s called spring cleaning for a reason! Cleaning is always easiest when you start from the top and work your way down. Make sure you dust all of those hard to reach places first, that way you can clean up the aftermath when you get to a lower level. When cleaning counters, check to make sure you are using the right product for your stone. You can check out the best way to clean each countertop here, here and here. Once you are finished with the up high areas, mop the floors and call it a day. Time to let those countertops and floors dry. Plus, you’ve earned yourself a nap.

Wanting to make a few new spring addition to brighten up your kitchen space?

Contact Cutstone today and we’ll get you started toward designing the home of your dreams!

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