Granite Countertops: Does Chipping Happen Quite Easily?

There are many ways of getting countertops done these days. Materials range from marble, quartz, laminate, resin, concrete, and yes: granite. For some reason, there’s a popular misconception that granite tends to chip easily. That could not be farther from the truth. 

Granite is one of the toughest countertop materials out there. If you install your kitchen counters with the proper thickness and take care of them well, they should be fine.

It takes a whole lot of pressure for them to chip. Hitting them outright or sitting on them can bring on issues. Particularly hefty materials you place on the edges can also create problems. However, those are rather extreme situations that are easily avoidable.

Chipped Countertops: What Now?

Logically, you need to repair the chip immediately for countertop protection. The surfaces could end up looking like the farthest thing from something aesthetically pleasing. Another questionable result of not addressing your situation right away is the presence of stains. Take note that while you can fix granite chips, the surface won’t return exactly to how it looked prior.

Someone skilled to do the repairs can, by all means, have a go. However, the best course of action to take is for a professional to handle it for you. They will likely use epoxy to fill the crack. The good news is that they can even out the surface and properly flatten it out. Aesthetically, however, it doesn’t do much. 

Read on to learn more about how to best prevent granite countertops from getting chipped in the first place. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to avoid chips on granite countertops, such as:

Make Sure the Countertop Has Bendable Trivets

Trivets are a great way to help countertops stay intact. Pots and pans can have vinegar bases, and when that happens, vinegar gets left on countertops. The ingredient will end up affecting the sealant, leaving the surfaces exposed.

Make Sure the Countertop Is Clean

Clean countertops are great for damage prevention since it’s easier to notice damage that way. It’s also a great solution to keep any possible staining or etching at bay. Get a cleaner of good quality that can keep the granite clean and shiny hand-in-hand with a layer of protection. Luckily, there are plenty of cleaning solutions meant particularly for granite counters. 

Make Sure the Countertop Is Sealed

Homeowners tend to seal granite countertops to prevent stains. Aside from avoiding damage on the surface, any chances of the countertops chipping are all but diminished. A quality sealer can help improve things as long as you apply them in layers. Ensure to use it at least a few times within the same year.

Find the perfect time to get countertop sealing done by doing a water test. It’s just a matter of pouring liquid on the surface and waiting half an hour. If the surface didn’t darken over that period, the sealant is fine.


There is a misconception that granite countertops chip easily: they don’t. In truth, granite is one of the most rigid materials out there, though it’s liable to chip given extreme pressure. Avoid chips by keeping the countertop clean and sealed. Also, make use of trivets.

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