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Granite Countertops: Why Knowing Its Porosity Matters

Kitchens are the heart of modern homes and have evolved from being a utilitarian room into a multipurpose space, so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most exciting areas to decorate. Being one of the busiest parts of the house, the countertops serve as the centerpiece that harmonizes the overall style and flow of the kitchen. 

There’s a wealth of countertop choices in the market, too, all of which have their distinct charm and strengths. But granite countertops are a perennial favorite among homeowners for their unprecedented durability, no-fuss upkeep, and visually impressive finish. 

While granite countertops add a luxurious yet functional feel to your kitchen, there is one crucial factor you may be forgetting to consider: porosity. 

Is Granite a Highly Porous Material?

Granite follows closely behind diamond as one of the hardest natural materials in the world, but its drawback is its high porosity compared to other natural stone options. Kitchens see plenty of action that involves liquids, so getting the countertops wet can be an inconvenience since liquid can easily penetrate the surface.

The pristine and stunning look of granite countertops can fade over time as stains start to cover the surface, but what makes matters worse is that the moisture can weaken your granite’s integrity over time. Fortunately, sealing the granite countertop can keep it in its pristine condition despite being banged up in a busy kitchen. 

Protecting Your Granite Countertops 

Adding a sealer leaves your granite countertops in a protective layer, one that closes off the pores to keep any liquid from penetrating the material. All granite countertops come with a sealant, but you should re-seal them every six to twelve months to keep them in tip-top shape. 

The good news is that sealing granite doesn’t require you to break a sweat since most can get sealants in an easy-to-use spray bottle.

Keep in mind that granite is highly resistant to hot temperatures, extremely durable, and relatively easy to clean, so caring for it once or twice a year is a good price to pay for the material’s incredible looks and reliable functionality. 

The Bottom Line: Protecting Granite Countertops with Some TLC 

Granite is a porous natural stone, but it shouldn’t give you plenty of trouble so long as you regularly re-seal the countertops. Seals protect the materials from getting wear and tear even as chaos ensues in the kitchen, allowing homeowners to enjoy the luxurious look of granite countertops for years to come. 

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