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Granite vs. Quartz: Finding the Best Office Countertop

Sometimes, office worktops are not often given much consideration. Given their many hours of usage, however, that should not be the case. 

Using stone countertops in the workplace may significantly improve the look of your workspace. Its color and appeal can bring tremendous effect on the atmosphere it creates in your workplace. You may choose a lighter-colored countertop to make a room seem bigger or a darker-colored countertop to refine the area. If you want an earthy vibe to the room, a shade of brown is a good choice. 

Whatever your preferences will be, this article will take you through the best choices for stone office worktops, whether for your company or a home office.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Office Countertops

Granite and quartz are the two best countertop materials for workplaces. Both materials are both visually appealing and long-lasting, making them excellent options for any area. Furthermore, both materials will offer you a nearly limitless number of color and design choices. 

Defining Granite and Quartz 

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials available. Because of the material’s beauty and durability, many commercial property owners choose granite for their worktops. These good characteristics transfer to the workplace as well. Granite is an excellent choice for a work surface. 

Quartz is a manufactured stone made by mixing approximately 90% quartz and 10% polymer resin. These figures may be slightly higher or lower depending on the brand of quartz used, but they will always be in the same ballpark. The attraction of quartz, like that of granite, is mainly based on its beauty and durability. Quartz countertops are an excellent addition to any home or business office. 

The Benefits of Using Granite or Quartz 

1 – Attractive Appeal 

Granite and quartz materials are among the most visually appealing for a countertop. There is a fashionable kind of granite available to suit your tastes, whether modest or stand-out. Similarly, the surfaces are not natural stone and do not make quartz counters any less appealing. Several kinds of quartz countertops are designed to appear like genuine stones like granite. 

2 – Wide Array of Choices

With granite, you may pick from hundreds of different designs. The sheer amount of choices almost guarantees that you will discover at least one, if not many, styles that appeal to you. Nonetheless, another benefit of quartz engineering is that the material provides a plethora of choices. 

3 – Simple to Maintain 

Granite is very simple to care for, particularly given that it is a natural stone. You may clean the surface with warm soap and water regularly. Your first focus will be ensuring that the surface is adequately sealed. On the other hand, a granite countertop will only need to be re-sealed around once a year. Quartz countertops are non-porous, making them one of the most external surfaces to clean and maintain. 

4 – Highly Durable

Granite countertops are durable surfaces. You won’t have to replace these durable stone countertops anytime soon. Quartz countertops, if you select them, are designed to be very durable. The surfaces are as long-lasting as granite worktops. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are replacing laminate or solid surface worktops in your workplace or constructing a home office, granite and quartz are two of the finest choices you have. Reviewing this information may help you get on the right track when choosing your new office countertops. 

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