Here’s How You Care For Your Beautiful Quartzite Countertops

Countertops are some of the most critical pieces of the kitchen. They have aesthetic and functional purposes, so it’s best to choose the material carefully.

With that said, more and more homeowners are choosing quartzite countertops for their kitchens. Quartzite countertops come from natural stone. They come in various sizes and finishes, making them highly sought after.

In addition, quartzite countertops are durable. They are actually more durable than granite countertops and can withstand a lot of abuse. If you’re looking for a beautiful and long-lasting material, then quartzite countertops are for you.

What Are the Other Benefits of Having Quartzite Countertops?

You already know that quartzite countertops are aesthetically pleasing and durable, but did you know they have other enjoyable features? Here are some benefits to having quartzite countertops in the kitchen.

1. Quartzite Countertops Are Easy to Clean

Most homeowners will get sick and tired of cleaning granite or marble countertops. For example, marble countertops tend to collect stains and become home to bacteria.

Fortunately, quartzite countertops are very easy to clean. Since they are made out of stone, they have a stone-like appearance and feel. Unlike other types of stone, though, they are super easy to clean with a wet sponge.

Additionally, quartzite countertops are scratch-resistant and nonporous, making them less likely to become home to unsightly stains.

2. Quartzite Countertops Are Scratch-Resistant

One of the biggest problems with countertops is that they get scratched easily. Since granite and marble are both softer than quartzite, they scratch very easily. When you cook, you shouldn’t have to worry about scratching your countertops.

Here is where quartzite countertops come in. Aside from being easy to clean, quartzite countertops are also scratch-resistant. They come from natural stone, after all. Knowing this, you can rest easy knowing that children, pets, and other family members won’t ruin the finish quickly.

Quartzite countertops are highly scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting them scratched. In fact, you can use almost any kitchen utensil to clean these counters and not worry about them sustaining damage.

How Does One Clean Quartzite Countertops?

If you want to avoid unsightly stains and scratches on your quartzite countertops, then you need to clean them well. Luckily, quartzite countertops are easy to clean.

First of all, you can clean these countertops with a wet sponge. They are highly scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any damage. That said, do not use any rough sponges or abrasive cleaners. Doing so will make the countertops look even worse.

For stubborn stains, you can apply a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Be sure to use a soft sponge to scrub the stain. Once you’re done, use a clean cloth to wipe off the excess soap.

Final Note

Quartzite countertops are an excellent option for homeowners. They are aesthetically pleasing, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. Not to mention, they are easy to clean.

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