Polished, Honed or Brushed Granite finish? How to Choose.

When it comes to countertops, granite is one of the most popular choices. With its visual appeal, durability and easy maintenance, it’s often easy for homeowners to decide on granite. But even after choosing the material, there are many other options to consider. Not only do homeowners have to choose a color and an edge profile, but they also have to choose a countertop finish.

Most stone surfaces come in a variety of finishes, but the most popular choices are Polished, Honed and Brushed. Here’s how you choose the best finish for your kitchen project.



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Polished granite is achieved through a process of grinding and buffing until it acquires a shiny, reflective appearance. The final product is a sleek surface that is both glossy and elegant. Glossed surfaces tend to resist stains better than other finishes, and may not have to be resealed as often as other finishes. If you are placing your countertop in an high-traffic area, then a polished granite is a smart choice.


Also known as “matte,” this type of finish is achieved through a grinding and sanding process to reveal a satiny-smooth appearance. Due to the characteristic dull sheen, stones with a honed finish do not show color and texture quite as well as the others, but homeowners still like this type of finish because of its ability to conceal flaws in the material.


Brushed is considered one of the most high-maintenance finishes because of its manufacturing process. To create a brush finish, the material is brushed gently until it achieves a textured and worn-in appearance. Surfaces with a brushed finish will have little to no sheen, making the colors and veining of the material more subtle. Brushed finishes also have a slight texture making it an interesting addition to your space.


Choosing the right finish for your countertops ultimately depends on the intended use and your personal design preferences. If your countertop will be placed in a high-traffic, busy area, then a polished granite may be your best option, as it requires little maintenance and is the most reflective of the finishes. However, granite is a naturally durable material so as long as you follow a regular cleaning and sealing regime, all three can still be a good choice for busy homeowners.

Other considerations that may influence your decision include the price and availability of the finishes. Being the most popular choice, polished finishes are often in stock and are the least expensive, while a special order brushed finish may take a dent out of your countertop budget. Shop around and see what’s available in your price range to help you make the best decision for you.


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