How to Choose the Right Countertops

There’s a pretty good chance that you spend most of your time in your kitchen. It’s the place where your family gathers to prepare meals, the kids sit to do their homework, your guests enjoy conversation, etc. With as much time as you spend there, it should be kept up to date and be a place that you want to spend time in. Is your kitchen looking a little out of date? Upgrade it with some new countertops!

Deciding on a new countertop might seem a little bit tricky since there are so many different materials to choose from. To start, you can choose something that will go great with your current cabinets and flooring. Two of the most popular materials that many people choose from are either granite countertops or quartz countertops. Both of these materials are made from stone and are extremely hard and durable.

Granite countertops have heat resistant qualities so you’ll never have to worry about it blistering. It comes directly from the earth and each slab is different because of the minerals that create it. Quartz countertops are scratch, heat, and stain-resistant and are one of the most easily maintained and reliable surfaces for countertops. It comes in many different colors and styles and is the perfect touch to any kitchen!

At the end of the day, choosing a countertop is completely dependent on you, your style, and how durable you need your countertops to be. Looking to upgrade your countertops? Give Cutstone Company a call today! We strive to ensure every customer is confident their project is in the best of hands.  From the initial design to the final touches of the install, our commitment to excellence influences everything we do. 205-378-0765

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