How to Select a Granite Slab

Granite can be found in hundreds of shades and patterns, which can make the process of selecting a slab seem a little bit overwhelming. But knowing what to look for when browsing the slab yard can make the process a little bit easier! Here are a few things you should know to choose the best slab for your kitchen or bathroom countertop!



While there are no set industry standards for determining the quality of a stone, retailers typically group slabs by grades. Generally, lower grade stones may have more inclusions, pitting and/or cracks and are often reserved for commercial projects.  Using higher grade stone may come with a corresponding higher price tag, but the end result is better quality with fewer visible defects.


A 3cm thickness in countertops offers the durability and appearance that most homeowners are seeking. If there is a particular look to be achieved or cost is an issue, many stone varieties also come in 2cm thickness. A good fabricator will make sure you receive the appropriate thickness to achieve your goals.


Granite comes in so many colors and patterns, yet some shades are more widely available than others. Blue, purple and red shades are the least common and typically come with a higher price tag than grey, green or brown. Some granite colors are also considered more durable than others, but with proper care, any material can last for decades.


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