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Things to Keep Off Your Granite Counters: A Quick Guide

After you choose granite that complements the look and feel of your home, you’re probably focused on maintaining its natural beauty for a lifetime. But how do you begin? Here are the best tips to keep in mind to avoid harming your counters.

Things to Keep Off Your Granite Counters: A Quick Guide

1 – Highly Pigmented Liquids

Highly pigmented liquids such as coffee, red wine, and fruit juice can stain your granite counters. Even if you clean the spill quickly, the stain will still remain. This is because the pigment will not fade even with repeated cleanings.

As soon as you notice a highly pigmented liquid spill on your counter, don’t wait to clean it. Use a mild soap and water mixture to clean the stained area. After that, blot the countertop with a towel to remove excess liquid. Doing so will prevent the stain from seeping inside the stone.

2 – Acids, Alkalis, and Strong Cleaners

Products such as vinegar, citrus juice, and non-granite cleaners can etch your granite countertop. The etching can make your stone look dull and unattractive.

While using vinegar or citrus juice is okay, avoid using products that contain acidic or alkaline chemicals. There are several commercial cleaners available on the market, so use them instead of harsh chemicals.

3 – High Heat

The best way to keep your granite counters looking great is by maintaining them with regular cleaning. You should clean your countertops immediately after preparing meals and wipe them with a clean, soft cloth.

While wiping the countertop with a dishcloth is okay, avoid using a stiff scrubber or sponge. The bristles can scratch the surface and leave it looking dull.

4 – Wipe-On, Wipe-Off Furniture Polish

This is a common culprit that many people use to maintain their granite counters. While furniture polish helps your countertops look shiny and more appealing, it can damage the surface.

If you want to maintain the shine of your granite countertop, think about choosing furniture polishes with low-gloss and semi-gloss formulas. Opting for a solid wax formula can also help, and it doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.

5 – Sharp Knives

You should keep your knives sharp to avoid nicks and dents on your countertop. But you should also be careful when using them to avoid damaging them.

Keep your knives sharp by using sharpening steel to hone the blade’s edge before using. While you should use the sharpest knife you can afford, opt for a smaller knife if you have to.

6 – Sticky Items

It’s best to keep sticky items off your countertops, such as toothpaste and dental floss. If you happen to spill anything sticky on your counters, try cleaning it with a little dish soap and warm water.

7 – Raw Meats

The mineral content in raw meats can discolor your granite countertop. When you’re preparing a meal that includes raw meats, place the meat on a plate first before placing it on your counter.


Remember that your granite countertops have many advantages, such as being resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your counters for years to come.

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