3 Kitchen Design Trends Emerging in 2017

It’s time to wave goodbye to white subway tiles and copper accessories because 2017 is going to be the year of warm and welcoming spaces and pops of earthy hues. And while all-white kitchens and two-toned cabinets won’t disappear overnight, a shift is underway for the coming year, and we are loving the fresh look. So whether you’re ready to jump into a kitchen remodel, or just to dip your toes in a few new styles, these are the three design trends that will be everywhere this year!


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Neutral Hues.


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White kitchens have had a good run, but colored kitchens are about to have their moment! While we don’t foresee brights pinks or yellows making a return from the 1950’s anytime soon, we do expect to see shades of neutrals – like soft greens and light blues – making an appearance this year. Whether you incorporate color into your countertops (we love Forest Fern Icestone for a subtle take on Pantone’s greenery and Lumen marble in blue tones that would make any room interesting), or simply paint the cabinets to refresh your space, we think this sophisticated trend is here to stay!

Mixing + Matching.


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Natural stone countertops are a common choice when remodeling because they offer the beauty and elegance homeowners want, while also offering the durability homeowners need. Natural stones come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing homeowners the freedom to be unique and think outside the box. With that being said, the options are endless, which can be overwhelming to those who simply can’t decide. But who says you have to settle on just one? Mixing and matching countertops provides homeowners with plenty of design possibilities and the opportunity to add interest to their space! Give a black and white duo a try – like black granite around the edges of your kitchen and white marble on the island for a truly remarkable and timeless look!

Hidden Appliances.


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Unless you have an ultra-modern design, you probably wouldn’t describe your kitchen as the sleekest room in your home.  Appliances can be bulky, especially when they sit on the countertops, and giant refrigerators and dishwashers can be unattractive That’s why this trend is on the rise and one that we think will become a staple in most homes. Nearly everything (yes even coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers!) can be hidden among your cabinetry to give a cluttered kitchen a fresh, clean feel. And if you don’t want everything hidden, you can install built-ins that match your kitchen design and don’t break up the flow of the space.


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