Kitchen Upgrades that Increase Home Value

You’ve replaced the front door and turned the attic into an additional bedroom, but your home still isn’t selling. What gives?

While you may be quick to blame homebuyers for having a laundry list of unrealistic expectations, it is likely that your home needs a little more TLC than you thought. Most home buyers (especially first time buyers) are not interested or do not have the means to invest in home improvement projects, especially when it comes to major upgrades like the kitchen.

Kitchens prove year after year to be a huge selling point in real estate, meaning an outdated kitchen can hurt the value of your home. But before you go all Joanna Gaines and start knocking down walls and reworking the countertops into an L-shape, consider these upgrades that will attract today’s home buyers for less.





The most obvious choice to turn a drab kitchen into buyer bait that sells is to replace the kitchen countertops. It can be a costly investment depending on what material you choose, but in the end it’s worth the splurge. For the biggest return on investment, keep it simple and opt for an affordable stone that will still spark an interest in a potential buyers.


You’d be surprised by how much you can transform a space just by replacing those white appliances from the 1990s with chic stainless steel ones. Even better if they are energy-efficient, since home buyers are always looking for ways to save money! While stainless steel appliances won’t necessarily increase your home’s value,  they do add that ‘wow’ factor that potential buyers are looking for.


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Whether you choose just to paint the wall or decide to go all in and refinish the cabinets, painting is an effective and relatively cheap way to upgrade your kitchen for potential buyers. Fresh paint makes an old kitchen look clean and new again, while also offering buyers a ‘clean slate’ once they move in.


From crown molding on the ceilings to fancy doorknobs, it’s often the small details that make a lasting impression on potential buyers. The options for small upgrades are endless, but simply switching out the hardware on your cabinets is a good place to start. New knobs cost next to nothing and can be easily replaced in an afternoon.


Whether it’s adding recessed lighting or a  funky light fixture, investing in functional and decorative lighting is an excellent and affordable way to up the value of your home. A well-lit room feels bigger, brighter and overall more welcoming.

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