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Ways to Maintain the Quality of Your Granite Countertop

Granite kitchen countertops have remained extremely popular for years. This lovely natural stone has a glossy shine and is resistant to bacteria and stains. To prevent the sealant from wearing off, granite needs to be cleaned in a particular way.

With your hectic lifestyle, you’re probably always seeking ways to simplify things. Fortunately, maintaining your granite countertops is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time or work.

Your granite countertop can look fantastic for years if you follow a few easy rules. Take some time to look through these granite countertop care suggestions before you dash off to conduct your weekly food shopping.

If Necessary, Seal Your Granite Countertop

Although not all online publications are reliable, the internet can be a great resource for knowledge. Many granites can be used without a sealant and retain their wonderful color.

Consult your local stone provider first if you’re unsure how your granite counter will respond to various products and methods to avoid wasting time, money, and stress by making a needless purchase.

The easiest method is to sprinkle a few droplets of water over your granite countertop. The sealer works if water droplets condense on the surface. Otherwise, it’s time to reseal if the surface becomes darker.

Don’t panic if your granite countertop needs to be resealed. It’s simple. Simply use a dry cloth or paintbrush to coat the whole surface of your granite with the stone sealer. Let it dry after that.

Clean Up As You Go

Simply wipe off the surface of your granite countertop after each use to keep it clean. Just find a good stone cleaner and use it. It maintains the quality of your granite countertop and keeps the stone sealer’s results intact.

Maintain a Dry Countertop at All Times

Keeping your countertop clean and dry is crucial. You must dry it off after washing with a clean cloth, paper towel, or microfiber.

Before or during installation, skilled granite installers will seal your countertop. These stone sealers do not offer a completely impermeable barrier against staining. 

The remedy only extends the window of time for blotting, enabling simple liquid removal in the event of a spill or drip.

Refrain from Cooking Food on Your Counter Directly

When using a knife, always use a cutting board. Never make a cut or chop on the granite’s surface immediately. The stone will only dull or harm the edges of your knife blades because it is harder than those of your knives.

Also, don’t forget to place hot pads or trivets under heated pans and pots. Unusual heat is no match for natural granite. After all, that is how it originated many millions of years ago, deep within the earth.

On a granite countertop, you can set a hot pot or skillet. Of course, being a little more watchful won’t hurt. By accident, putting cookware directly on your granite countertop could cause minor damage.


Every domestic kitchen’s workhorse is the countertop. It is renowned for its durability and usefulness in addition to its beauty. As a result, it is among the most often used, abused, and mishandled household items.

Its main function is to provide a workspace for the majority of your culinary preparations. It is where you cook your food, prepare your meals, and clean your dishes.

Despite how robust it may seem, your countertop was only intended to hold objects as heavy as your kitchenware and small appliances. It’s not intended to be used for sitting or standing. 

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