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Refreshing Open Floor Countertops Tips You Need

An open floor plan is the most modern way to arrange shared family areas in a home, whether you’re remodeling for your own enjoyment or preparing to sell. The days of segregated home areas are long over. In turn, this allows families to spend time together doing things like cooking, watching movies, or playing video games.

Now, regardless of where you are within the open floor concept, your countertops will be visible. Everyone gathers at the island or wrap-around bar for breakfast, snacks, and family chef time. A kitchen countertop can be the focal point of an open floor plan. 

Read on to discover the refreshing open floor countertop tips you need.

Showing Off Your Countertops in Open Floor Layouts

Open-floor plans make entertaining kitchen counters visible from every room. Your counters are visible through the house’s doorways and corridors. In theory, your countertop choice might be used to adorn the entire house.

Choosing worktops for an open floor plan means complimenting the rest of the house and boosting the aesthetic attractiveness of the kitchen. You want a stone grain and color that fits the interior style of your home.

Design Your Countertops with Your Interiors in Mind

The color scheme of your interior design. Think about your favorite colors. Consider the colors of your walls, curtains, furniture, and artwork. The color scheme should be complemented by the countertops.

Choose black granite with blue grains or white marble with bluish veins for your open-plan countertops if your walls are blue-gray and your décor contains aquatic tones. Brown granite with crimson and gold grains or yellow marble with orange veins are appropriate choices for a red or autumn-themed home.

Incorporate the Artistic Touch of Natural Stone

Choosing a slab for your countertops is similar to picking out wall art. Stone is ready-made art that may be incorporated into a home. Stone veins or exquisite intrinsic graining can add to the opulence of your home’s décor. For using natural stone, incorporate marble, granite, or even custom quartz into the design.

Use Easily-Cleaned Surfaces

The design of a countertop makes it simple to clean. An open-floor idea has cleanliness issues. A dirty countertop is visible throughout the house, so keep it clean. Plan ahead of time to save time wiping the table after each meal and snack. Include channels or drains to catch spills. Work with a professional to make your seams practically invisible and free of debris. When sweeping crumbs onto a cloth, keep clean countertop lines in mind. You’ll thank yourself a thousand times over for being so conscientious, and centrally situated counters are simple to clean.

Use Contrasting Details for Distinction

Contrasting countertops will draw attention to your kitchen. A kitchen with an open plan runs the risk of blending in with the existing decor. Contrasting countertops can visually divide an area. Shade should be used instead of hue. Countertops should be lighter or darker than the room’s color scheme.

Dark countertops, particularly charcoal or moss green countertops, stand out. To make your countertops stand out, choose grains or veins that contrast with the base color and flow from one spot to the next.

Pale counters can shine like a beacon, enticing family and guests to the kitchen for pleasant discussion and delectable delicacies.

Plan Creatively

Open-concept counters enable creative planning. Make a collapsible counter that doubles as a wheelchair-accessible gate and prep area. To welcome the family, your kitchen island or room-facing counter could double as a breakfast bar.

Your open-concept kitchen may accommodate more than one chef with a bar sink and prep stations. Open-plan kitchens can be particularly family-friendly.

  • The Backsplash

Consider the beauty of your back wall. Your countertop could serve as inspiration for an eye-catching backsplash. A backsplash that covers the back wall of the kitchen may be added to custom granite or marble worktops. This back wall might be used as an accent wall in the open-concept family area. Select a paint color that complements your countertop and backsplash.

  • Use Organizing Features

Don’t ignore organizational aspects. A few hanging hooks and floating shelves might help with open-plan counter organizing. Because of their visibility, you’ll need attractive near- and on-counter storage. Wire pan racks or a Lazy Susan with spice layers complete the look of your open kitchen counter.


It comes as no surprise that open floor layouts are popular in today’s real estate market. It’s a great way to make use of all your spaces, whether your home is big or small. Now with these countertop tips, you can finally refresh your home’s look!

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