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Top 3 Popular Materials Best for Your Kitchen Countertops

Modern kitchens are now the heart of any household, and since it’s also the room that sees the most action at home, it makes sense to invest in countertops that can withstand all the everyday abuse. That’s why it’s important to take time rifling through different potential materials for your new kitchen and not just pick marble because of its timeless beauty.

Of course, some materials do bring more sophistication than others and can truly elevate the overall design of your kitchen. But it’s always better to choose one that brings impressive form and function. While there are plenty of durable countertops in the market, we’re here to focus on some of the most perennial favorites: 


One of the classic choices to date is that granite is tough, durable, and offers a stunning addition to your kitchen thanks to its colorful veins. Natural granite is every homeowner’s dream, though engineered granite takes everything good about it a step further by making the material better suited for the kitchen with its resistance to heat and scratches. 

The only drawback is that it takes plenty of TLC to maintain the pristine look of granite, such as periodic sealing, to keep the stains at bay. Additionally, the edges and corners are also susceptible to chipping if it is constantly being hit in a busy kitchen. 


Quartz takes the cake in terms of beauty and brawn, which means it’s the best choice for hectic kitchens that need to look deluxe at the same time. Besides panache, quartz countertops are also a practical option since the material has anti-bacterial properties, making them perfect for prepping food in the kitchen without losing their picture-perfect looks. 

Solid Surface

Homeowners looking for stylish countertops with a tight budget can easily go for solid surfaces made from nonporous materials. They offer an extensive range of colors and patterns, so every homeowner can choose one that suits their individual taste.

The best part is that solid surfaces are resistant to mold growth and easy to maintain, allowing your kitchen to look luxurious for less price. 

The Bottom Line: Personalizing Your Kitchen by Choosing the Best Material for Your Countertops

Different materials offer their own pros and cons, but the right choice depends on your unique taste and budget. Whether you’re going cheaper by the dozen with laminate countertops or investing in life-long luxury with granite, the best surface for your prep station in the kitchen should hold up against the heat. 

Are You Dreaming of Installing Custom Countertops for Your Home in Birmingham?

Countertops are stunning features that offer functionality and style to your home, but the best part is that there’s plenty of materials to choose from! Here at Cutstone Company, we offer a wide range of custom countertops for our residential and commercial clients. 

Whether it’s marble for a classic elegance to granite for a luxurious look, we offer something that is sure to fit your style and needs all within your budget. Browse our extensive selection of countertops today and see what catches your eye! 

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