Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

When you think of building materials, how do you rank natural stone? It’s been used for thousands of years, yet it seems to be more popular now than ever before. Is it really because of the natural look and one-of-a-kind designs? That’s just one of the many reasons. 

Before you go rushing to order natural stone for your kitchen countertops in Birmingham, AL make sure that you know the answers to these questions so you can be certain that you’re making the right decision for your home: 

How Will the Stone Perform the Function I Intend It For?

This is a question that you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not to use natural stone. The material is often used in bathrooms and kitchens, but it has other uses, too. It can provide a rustic elegance in your living room. It can add a contemporary flair to your office or act as a classy and refined finish to your basement. Whatever the space, natural stone is an excellent choice for many different applications. Just make sure it can withstand the elements of that particular space.

How Durable Is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a hard substance, but that doesn’t mean it makes for indestructible materials. That said, it is resistant to scratches and cracks and water and heat. In fact, water can be beneficial for natural stone as it cleans the material and naturally brings out the colors.

What Type of Natural Stone Is Best for My Needs?

There are three main types of natural stone: slate, marble, and granite.

Slate is the hardest of the three and, therefore, the most durable. However, it can’t be polished, and thus the low maintenance material is resistant to stains.

Marble is the most versatile of the three and is available in various colors. It is also the softest of the three and, therefore, most susceptible to stains.

Granite is the most popular material in kitchens and bathrooms, and it’s also the second hardest of the three.

How Does Natural Stone Compare to Other Alternatives?

Natural stone is much more than simply a beautiful addition to your home. It’s also an incredibly durable and hearty material that will last for decades. It is, however, much more expensive than other options such as tile, laminate, granite, and solid surface.

How thick Should the Slab Be? 

The thicker the natural stone, the higher the price tag. However, thicker slabs make for a more durable material, which is why homeowners and designers love thicker natural stone.

How Does Natural Stone Affect the Environment?

Natural stone is a very eco-friendly material as it is re-used from old quarries. In fact, it is a very sustainable material and certainly a better alternative to most other materials.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

Natural stone is typically installed by hand, which means that it is a labor-intensive process. That said, with the right company, the installation can be completed in no time and with no hassle.


Natural stone is an easy way to improve the looks and performance of your space. It’s more expensive than other options, but it can last for decades. Of course, you have to ensure that you’re getting your kitchen countertops in Birmingham done by a trusted team of professionals who know how to bring out the beauty of your chosen natural stone. 

Cutstone Company can provide you with custom countertops in Birmingham, AL, that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today so we can talk about your natural stone options for countertops!

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