Why Soapstone Countertops Are All the Rage in Alabama Homes

Consider soapstone if you want a natural, warm-feeling surface for your kitchen. It blends well with other natural surfaces such as marble or granite and feels softer to the touch than some similar materials. Soapstone has several benefits in addition to being gentle on your hands.

Here’s why soapstone might be the better countertop option for your home in Birmingham, Alabama:

1. It’s Naturally Durable

Soapstone is naturally durable because its quarries are located in the Appalachian Mountains. It can withstand heat, cold, and moisture better than some other materials, and it is resistant to chemicals and stains. Natural soapstone comes in a wide array of colors, and its consistency is more similar to that of marble than that of granite.

The rock also holds onto heat, which is helpful for cooktops, and it is easily available in Birmingham. It is an affordable alternative to granite and has a much softer feel.

2. It’s Sustainable and Ethical

Soapstone is a sustainable and ethical choice for many homeowners. Unlike some other materials, it does not release any harmful elements into the air once installed. It is also easy to install and requires very little maintenance. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to build or remodel sustainably.

3. It’s Non-Toxic

Some other countertop materials still release toxic byproducts, but they do not release them. It is entirely safe for the homeowner and their family. Anyone allergic to some other material might want to consider this countertop as an alternative.

4. It’s Easy to Maintain

It is easy to care for soapstone countertops, and there is no special cleaning method to follow. Just use warm, soapy water and a soft sponge.

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to stone, give your kitchen a bit of a makeover with soapstone. You’ll love its warm, inviting feel and how it blends with other natural surfaces in your home.

5. It Looks Natural

One of the best features of this material is that it looks natural. It blends well with other materials and looks great when paired with granite, marble, or other countertops. The material is also soft and warm, comforting to the homeowner.

6. It’s Highly Long-Lasting

The material is exceptionally durable and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about chipping or scratching easily. Soapstone is not likely to fade or delaminate.

The material is very long-lasting and will last for decades. It is easy to maintain, and very few complaints about it. The material’s natural look also makes it an attractive option for homeowners.

7. It’s Easy to Install

It is effortless to install and has just a few surface requirements. It can be left to stand on its own or laminated. The material is easy to cut, but it is heavier than granite and might require a thicker underlayment for the underside of the surface if it does not have one. It is also essential to use a professional for installation because it must be fitted carefully to avoid bubbles and other irregularities.

8. It Has a Fast Resale Value

Soapstone countertops are trendy in this country, and it has a fast resale value. Many homeowners will want to purchase them, which means that homeowners who install them now will sell their homes quickly. Be aware that you will have to replace it if you ever resell it, though.


Soapstone countertops have several benefits, including being long-lasting, easily installed, and easy to maintain. They are not costly to install and are easy to maintain. They are also attractive and natural-looking.

At Cutstone Company, we believe that a great space deserves beautiful countertops.  From the single vanity to the large commercial project, we desire to partner with clients on their projects to make them successful.  We’ve been committed to excellence for more than 15 years and look forward to beautifying Alabama for many more to come! If you need soapstone countertops in Birmingham, AL, get in touch with us! Schedule a free consultation now!

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