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The Top Choice: Kitchen Top Refurbishing with Countertop Overlays

Each section of our home has its own centerpiece. The bedroom has its king-sized bed, the living room has its extravagant couch, and the bathroom has its elegant bathtub—and the same principle applies to our kitchen as well. Being one of the major parts of our house, it definitely has many amenities to ensure that our meals would never go stale, let alone half-cooked.

With that being said, one of the most significant and eye-catching centerpieces of the kitchen would have to be the countertop. It is a place of creative artisanal ideas and a place of imaginative delicacies. So is it any wonder why it should be maintained to its fullest? The ornaments, the surfaces, and the cabinet hinges below should be in great working condition to ensure that we would be able to cook our next masterpiece without any hassle.

The Importance of Countertop Overlays

As with all amenities, even our kitchen countertop may experience wear and tear over time. In such a case, we must apply countertop overlays in order to maintain their overall aesthetic! While it is a bit different from the usual remedy of applying multi-stage liquid covering, it is nonetheless a method that retains the authenticity of the top, as the overlay utilizes the same type of material used on the counter.

How Are Countertop Overlays Applied?

The usual method in “retouching” a kitchen countertop usually involves a branded form of multi-stage liquid covering. While it is widely accepted and practiced by many, it seems to miss the mark of maintaining a countertop’s authenticity.

On the other hand, countertop overlays are all about matching the add-on layer with the original materials used for the top in your kitchen. Basically, if your original countertop is made of granite, so would the overlay be! Just ensure that the integrity of your counter is still intact so that it may support the weight of the add-on layer. They tend to be heavy since the original materials are mostly composed of rock types and fine timber.

What Are the Advantages of Using Countertop Overlays?

If you’re still having second thoughts about countertop overlays, look no further than the following benefits of using them:

They Are Easy to Install

If you have an upcoming dinner party, and you would like to show off your refurbished countertop to your guests, this method would work best. It usually takes one day to install the overlay!

They Are Affordable

This method wouldn’t cost you much. Yes, the materials would need to match the original one used on your countertop—but it would only be a thin layer, well enough to hide the wear and tear in full. Since you’re not technically buying another whole countertop, it would be much cheaper!

They Retain Your Old Countertop

Instead of removing the old countertop, you would only need to retain it in order to hold the overlay in place. There is no need to dispose of anything.


Refurbishing your countertop doesn’t have to be hard. Applying countertop overlay on it would be a much faster, more reliable, and more affordable solution in the long run. It doesn’t matter what its original material is; there will always be readily available overlays for it. If you want to impress your house guests and save a lot of money in the process, invest in countertop overlays and hide those kitchen wears and tears!

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