5 Tips in Granite Countertop Cleaning for Beginners

Chic, colorful, and timeless—granite countertops are one of the most popular kitchen surfaces to invest in. As with anything, you need to maintain them properly. After all, a well-maintained granite countertop can last a long time. Here are some tips on properly maintaining granite countertops:

Reseal them

There are instances when you can reseal a granite countertop instead of replacing it. To know if you can reseal the countertop, you can perform a simple test. You need to spill a bit of water on the surface to create a puddle. If the water sinks into the granite and leaves a dark spot from the moisture, you need to reseal it. 

If it just beads up, you don’t need to reseal just yet. When resealing the countertops, you can hire a professional. Resealing granite is not a task you can do on your own. The timeline for granite countertops resealing is every two to four years.

Keep them clean.

After using the kitchen, be sure to wipe up the mess to avoid any stains or acidic substances from affecting your countertops. The acids in liquids can stain countertops, so always clean after cooking. Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the surfaces.

You can either use it dry or wet. Avoid using bleach, vinegar, or Windex because they can scratch the surface permanently. If you need to clean a specific spot, you can use a cleaner that has a neutral PH level. Warm water mixed with soap should be enough. 

When disinfecting the countertop, use a mixture of water and 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. Put it in a bottle and spray it on the granite. Allow it to sit for only three to five minutes. Clean it using water and a microfiber cloth.

Regularly check the countertops for repairs

For your granite countertop to remain useful, you need to conduct yearly maintenance sessions and inspect the counter for any issues. Check the counter for any scratches or stains. 

The seams and edges are vulnerable to crafts and shifts, so focus your attention on these areas. Call a stone-care professional once you find any cracks, scratches, stains, or other issues. Avoid delaying the repairs because it can create further damage. 

Remove the stains

Granite is a type of stone that can stain when exposed to acidic substances. Use baking soda mixed with water to remove these stains. Apply it to the stain and rinse using water. Repeat the process until you see results. 

Oil the surface

Give the countertop a bit of shine by putting oil on the surface. This can give it a glossy shine which brings out the patterns and design of the countertops. You can use cooking oil to brighten your countertops. Wipe it and gently buff the entire surface. 


Keeping your granite countertops clean and strong is important. Follow the steps above so your countertops can last. Schedule any repairs and avoid delaying them to avoid further damage. 

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