3 Ways Granite Can Make Your Kitchen Unique

You know that one friend whose granite kitchen is so exotic that you’re tempted to start whipping up a dish just to see what it feels like to be in such a fun space? We know the feeling of kitchen envy, and trust us when we say that it isn’t fun. But don’t worry – you can spice up your kitchen too. From vintage themes to modern chic, our team at Cutstone can help transform a blah kitchen into a unique space that stands out. Allow our stones to be the perfect finishing touch to your unique kitchen design with these 3 unique kitchen styles that are making a comeback this year.



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Overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop? We sympathize. There are just so many options! One kitchen design that we can’t get enough of, though, is a retro-inspired space! This blast from the past may seem outdated and aged for a kitchen, but we think that retro kitchens bring character and a pop of excitement to your space. Just think: teal walls, red accents and smooth white granite countertops in New River White to bring it all together.


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Dare to show a little color? Then we challenge you to step away from the trendy creams and whites, and venture on the dark side. While the color black may seem intimidating at first, it’s a timeless color that you shouldn’t be afraid of. Plus, an all-black kitchen is bound to be the boldest gig on the block! If you’re not ready to go all black in your space, you can dip your toes in by picking a dark countertop. Titanium granite is one of our favorites and is just the work of art you’re looking to sneak into your kitchen!



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Stay with us on this one, ok? Man caves may have a stigma for being dark, but they also are known for one thing: a fully stocked bar! And if your home is always filled with family and neighborhood for the holidays and on weekends, then a “man cave” inspired kitchen maybe not so out there. Where else are your guests suppose to enjoy their drinks and snacks? Alaska White is our top choice to enjoy a Saturday night with the boys (or girls) in style!


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