What Makes Granite Countertops Safe for Kids?

People associate granite countertops with wealth, elegance, and flair. Unfortunately, they are also often thought to be non-child-friendly, difficult to clean, and easily damaged. Some families believe that granite countertops and children do not mix. That, however, is not the case. Granite composite countertops are not dangerous to children and can, in fact, be an excellent addition to a family home. 

Here are some of the main reasons that kids shouldn’t deter you from getting a granite countertop for your home:

It Is Hygienic

Granite is a naturally porous substance with tiny absorbent pores. However, granite surfaces are sealed for safety. A chemical sealer is sprayed to granite countertops to cover these gaps and provide a non-porous, clean, and safe surface. In addition, the sealer improves the color and pattern of the granite. 

Children are more susceptible to some diseases than adults, so be sure your counters don’t harbor germs. Invest in granite and reseal it regularly to keep it non-porous. Granite countertops are safer for children of all ages when regularly maintained.

Surface Is Easy to Clean

Your granite’s non-porous sealant provides a flat, smooth surface on otherwise rough stone. The resultant surface will be effortless to clean. Because germs such as raw meat drippings and handwashing water will remain on the surface, all it takes is a light soap and water swipe, a short rinse, and a dry towel to thoroughly disinfect the top. 

There is another reason why easy-to-clean granite is ideal for your home: kids are dirty! Consider how much fun they’d have with a squeeze ketchup bottle or your coffee grinds. When your kids create a mess, it just takes a few simple steps to have your granite surfaces sparkling clean again. Other less expensive surfaces are more challenging to clean and sterilize. And certain materials, such as laminate, discolor exceptionally readily. However, if accidents are cleaned up immediately, granite is much less prone to discolor.

They Resist Structural Damage

Granite is an ultra-hard stone that forms when rocks are subjected to high heat and pressure for an extended length of time. To put it another way, once granite forms, it has already gone through the worst. If it can withstand the extremes of the Earth, it can surely withstand the extremes of your children. 

Unlike laminate, stone replacement, or butcher block worktops, granite is very resistant to structural damage. Blunt force, pressure, and items falling on the surface have a lower likelihood of causing damage than other surface materials. Unless deliberately struck or damaged, granite will not chip, crack, or shatter. While you should not put your worktops to the test, countertops professionals suggest granite for family homes since it is less likely to be damaged by your little ones.

They’re Outdoor Friendly

Do you want to create a kid-friendly living environment in your home? Outdoor kitchens and patios are ideal for family togetherness. Outdoor kitchen granite worktops are tough enough to withstand the weather, so they can easily withstand youngsters. When you choose absolute composite granite for your indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, and other elements such as wet bar counters, you will have a unified design.

Final Thoughts

Granite not only adds beauty to a home and can brighten up a whole kitchen or bathroom, but it is also an excellent option for a family with children. Because of its durability and benefits over other materials, your granite countertops will look beautiful even after your children have grown up.
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