Where Are 7 Other Ideal Places at Home to Add Granite?

Being a responsible homeowner means finding durable investments for your property. This step is crucial in creating a house because you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on frequent replacements and repairs. Durable and aesthetically-pleasing materials can also help increase your property value. 

However, to enjoy both benefits, you can consider investing in granite. This natural material is a favorite among homeowners because of its high moisture, heat, and scratching resistance, and it can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. While it may be a popular choice for kitchen countertops, it can still go well with other parts of your house. 

If you want to explore other options besides granite countertops, here are seven other uses for this material at home. 

1. Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used parts of the house and has high exposure to moisture. Using granite for this high-foot-traffic space, you can protect your home from water damage, mold, and bacteria. 

Home contractors recommend using granite for bathroom walls, sinks, and vanity tops because they’re durable, non-porous, available in different colors, and easy to clean. They’re also an excellent choice for bathroom remodeling projects because of their high resistance to moisture, heat, and scratches. 

2. Dining Room

You can easily create a unique and stylish dining surface with a granite table top. This material works best for outdoor dining because it’s durable and heat resistant, letting you place hot dishes on the table without worry. It’s also highly resistant to stains, making cleaning spills and crumbs easier.

3. Flooring

Your flooring choices will significantly impact your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. You can protect everyone and design a beautiful house by installing granite flooring.

Granite tile works best for flooring and stairs because they’re long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and aesthetically pleasing. You can use it to create a seamless pattern or with contrasting colors. You can also ensure everyone’s safety by adding raised edges to your stairs. Moreover, its regular but low maintenance requirements can help reduce allergens and make a healthier home for those with allergies. 

4. Living Room

Guests will notice your living room when they visit your home, and you only have one chance to make a great first impression. You can transform your living room using granite for your fireplace mantel, mantel shelf, surround, hearth, corbel, coffee table, and home bar countertop. 

5. Laundry Room

While a laundry room remains crucial to any modern home, unfortunately, it remains an underrated part of a significant home improvement project. You can transform your plain laundry room into something more extraordinary by letting professionals install granite countertops. They can also use this material to create shelves for additional storage. 

6. Patio 

There’s nothing more rewarding than relaxing in an outdoor space during a hot summer’s day with your friends, and you’d want everyone to enjoy this experience. Besides creating a stunning outdoor area with intricate details, granite works best for decks because it can withstand the elements and won’t quickly falter from prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture.

While it may be easy to maintain, contractors still recommend that you reseal it periodically. You can create a cohesive look using a stone already existing in other parts of your house. 

7. Pool Area

Whether you’re remodeling your outdoor pool or installing a new one for a long-term investment, contractors recommend investing in granite for your outdoor swimming space. This material is highly durable and can prevent prolonged water exposure damage. You can cover up stains and other signs of wear over time by picking a dark granite variant for your pool. 


Besides granite countertops, this material works best in bathrooms, pools, laundry rooms, and outdoor spaces. You can enjoy the material’s durability and aesthetic appeal by working with professional contractors. 

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