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Why Consider Soapstone for Your Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to countertop materials, the top-of-mind preference is always granite. It is undeniable how the durability and appeal of this stone captured a lot of attention of homeowners. It is durable, can resist stain, moisture, scratching, and more. But if you want your home to be different from the usual American homes, a soapstone countertop should be on your list of options. 

This material can provide the benefits that granite countertops can, and they also make your kitchen look effortlessly elegant and sleek. This article will tell you about the properties of soapstone that make it a worthy choice.

It Is Highly Durable

The kitchen countertop is the one area in the house that gets the most impact through daily usage. When choosing a material for this section, you would want something that could resist the daily impact and make it last for a long time. You can compare its hardness level to marble. While it might be slightly softer than the good old granite countertop, its density makes up for it. Soapstone is composed of highly compact particles than what marble, quartz, and granite have. 

It Can Resist Heat

A kitchen will not be a fully functional kitchen if there is no presence of heat. If you are to place heating equipment or hot tools on your kitchen countertop, you would want to use a material that would not cause inconvenience. 

With soapstone as your material, you do not have to worry anymore about a fresh-from-oven meal melting your countertop or causing any discoloration. That means you can also directly put your hot frying pan on top of your counter without needing any trivet. Here is how soapstone works: when exposed to heat, it would immediately absorb it and gradually release the heat back to the air. 

It Makes Cleaning Easier

Remember how compact the particles of soapstone are compared to other countertop materials? Another benefit of it is how you can quickly remove any dirt or spills that go on top of it. Since the material is porous, it would not let any of these elements seep. You can also guarantee that it would not encourage any bacterial buildup. 

It Is Chemically Inert

What makes this material extra special is how it would not react to any chemicals. Soapstone is not acidic and is also not considered alkaline. Therefore, you can use any type of cleaning solution you want on it. Whether you use a natural lemon juice or a strong chemical for cleaning, it would not generate any bad reaction. That means you do not have to deal with any staining!

You Have Many Color Options

You can get soapstone in the various color schemes of grey. You can also find soapstone with green, white, and blue undertones. What makes the material more interesting is how you can manipulate its natural color. When left alone, your medium gray soapstone would eventually change into a soft patina color. If you want to make it darker, you simply have to rub mineral oil onto your counter and let the material soak it. You would get a dark black countertop with clearly popping veins. 


A soapstone countertop can immediately make your kitchen look like one of those featured in high-end lifestyle magazines. If that is something you want to wake up to every day, consider using soapstone as your countertop material. Besides the instant aesthetic appeal it brings to your home, you can also enjoy the mentioned advantages in this article. 

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