3 Tips for the Perfect All-White Kitchen

Who doesn’t love the timeless look of an all-white kitchen? They’re simple, stylish and completely versatile. Whether you are working with a compact layout or a large open concept, white kitchens are a great option for just about any home.

But here’s the thing: White kitchens may be bright and beautiful, but they can look a little boring. And because a kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, it should make a statement, not just blend in with its surroundings. Here are three tips to help you create the perfect all-white kitchen that is anything but boring!





All-white kitchens are like a blank canvas: you can do just about anything. So this is the time to let your creativity show! Whether you go with sleek modern cabinets and an interesting backsplash, or opt for something more traditional (like a marble slab and wood flooring), there are so many options that can make your white space come to life.


All-white rooms can sometimes feel more like a museum that needs to be roped off than a home. Create a more inviting space for your family and guests by adding contrasting elements. That doesn’t have to mean harsh accessories. Rather it means bringing in shades that will blend seamlessly. Try a hint of grey on your granite countertops or add metal hardware to your cabinets for a subtle contrast.


One of the greatest assets of working with an all-white kitchen is the ability to bring personality and flavor into the interior. Maybe you collect colorful cookbooks and put those on display in your open-shelving units, or maybe you have a green thumb and bring in fresh flowers from your garden. Maybe you simply add lemons to a bowl on your quartz surface for a pop of bright yellow. Whatever you choose, adding depth and interest is the easiest way to prevent a bland space.



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