4 Kitchen Trends to Try!

A kitchen is a wondrous place full of possibilities, so understandably, you want it to look its best. Even if you’re not the best cook, there is just something about having a perfect space to whip up a plate of chocolate chip cookies with your kiddos or perfecting the one-handed egg crack.

Just because you’re not in the market for a complete kitchen redo right now, doesn’t mean you can’t add a few upgrades to your space. From daring backsplashes to bold accent walls, here’s how you can make 3 of the hottest kitchen trends work in your home.





Admit it – you’ve dreamed of having an all-white kitchen full of creamy marble surfaces and bright cabinetry with glass front doors! Almost every homeowner has pinned a few of these trendy kitchens onto their “Dream Home” pinterest boards. And while minimalistic kitchens are sleek and simple, they can also feel a bit cold and uninviting. Give your space some warmth and personality by incorporating a fun color, like muted yellow or dark blue.





Just like black works with just about everything in your closet, the same is true for your kitchen. And while you probably don’t want to paint the entire place black, incorporating a few dark elements can add interest to your space. Going black is taking a risk, especially if you are planning to resell, but it is also a color that never goes out of style. If you’re nervous about going too “bachelor pad,” stick to just painting an accent wall and err on the charcoal side of the color spectrum instead.




When you’re stuck between two colors, why settle? With two-toned cabinets (also called tuxedo style), you can have both! There are many ways to pull off the two-toned kitchen cabinets, but the most popular technique is to paint the bottom cabinets a darker tone than the top cabinets. Not only do contrasting colors adds visual interest to your space, but it also creates a cozier feel to a big kitchen.





Now’s the time to ditch the matchy-matchy tile and try something totally unexpected for your backsplash. From chalkboarding the back of your open shelving units to incorporating reclaimed wood or glass, your options are endless! Even if you opt for traditional tile, consider adding a few playful touches – like running the tile up to the ceiling or incorporating a pattern. These details can really amp up the drama!


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