5 Compelling Reasons To Invest in Real Marble Countertop

You’re faced with the same dilemma that so many marble-obsessed homeowners have: you adore marble, but is it worthwhile to keep it looking great year after year?

Marble is a comparatively soft stone compared to other natural stones such as granite and quartzite. If spills aren’t cleaned up soon away, they can etch, and it will naturally develop a patina, or color change due to oxidation, over time.

One of the reasons why manufacturers are creating manufactured surfaces that seem like marble is that some individuals don’t want to be bothered every time a dinner guest places their wine glass on the table without a coaster. However, if you adore the classic beauty of marble, no substitute compares to the real thing.

Here are the five compelling reasons to invest in real marble countertops in Birmingham, AL.

Honed Marble Is Just As Beautiful As Polished Marble

Because honed marble offers a more matte surface finish, any dullness caused by a stray lemon slice will be less evident than on a highly polished surface. Many homeowners love the look of honed marble because it has a soft, satin surface rather than a glossy luster.

Every Slab Is a One-of-a-Kind Piece

Some homeowners believe that manufactured quartz countertops that look like marble are a better alternative since they are easier to maintain. Manufactured quartz countertops that look like marble can be designed to resemble real stones like marble. While engineered stone is less expensive to maintain than marble, it will never have the same depth, unique patterns, or color variation.

When installing custom marble countertops in Birmingham, AL, you can choose a unique slab. Nobody else’s kitchen will have veining and characteristics like yours.

It Can Be Sealed To Make It Stain-Resistant

Real marble will discolor one of the homeowners’ biggest worries about using it for kitchen countertops. While acidic foods and beverages (such as red wine and tomato sauce) can leave stains or etches on marble, there are ways to prevent this.

Your countertop fabricator can avoid stains by impregnating the pores immediately beneath the stone’s surface with an impregnating sealer, which slows liquid absorption and allows you more time to clean up spills. 

Today’s sealers are quite successful at preventing staining while preserving the appearance of the stone.

While no sealer can prevent etching, which causes the stone to be dull when it comes into touch with acidic elements, a good sealer can help protect your new marble from stains for years, if not decades. Ask if your fabricator offers a multi-year stain warranty to put your mind at ease.

Marble Is Heat-Resistant By Nature

If you’re a baker, you’ll appreciate that marble is one of the most heat-resistant stones available, far more so than a typical competitor, resin-based artificial quartz. Marble is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds, worktops, islands, and vanities because of its feature.

Natural Stone Increases The Value Of Your House

Stone countertops will increase the value of your home and appeal to potential purchasers if and when you decide to sell. Natural stone countertops are aesthetically pleasing and demonstrate that you’ve invested in and cared for your property.

Still on the fence about it? Before you make a final decision, consult with your countertop fabricator. Most will gladly give you a sample of the marble hue you like so you can try it out at home.

Pour lemonade on your sample, leave a coffee ring on it, or drop a tomato slice to see how it reacts. Try a piece of both polished and honed marble to compare the results.


Every homeowner in Birmingham should take their time to select a material that is appropriate for their lifestyle and aesthetic. Marble, like any other natural stone, will need to be maintained to keep it looking its best. To ensure the perfect kitchen space, homeowners must choose a reliable marble supplier in Birmingham, AL, to provide the proper stone for their homes and maintain maintenance.

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