7 Different Types of Countertop Edges for Your Kitchen

Are you planning on renovating your countertops? When it comes to countertops, every detail is crucial, including the materials, design, style, patterns, colors, and even their shapes. 

One important thing that homeowners commonly neglect is edge finishing. That’s because there is an overwhelming number of choices available. 

In this article, we will discuss the different types of countertop edges you can choose from. 


The classic style of bevel edge is a typical countertop edge finish that can provide a decorative touch to your kitchen. It is a perfect option for those who want to take a different approach from the usual countertop.

The bevel edge is perfect for those who have a contemporary kitchen design. It adds some depth to the kitchen design and includes sparkling accents to the countertop. This feature is commonly found in marble countertops.


The eased countertop edge finish is manufactured using a circular precision machine that reduces the sharp edge of the countertop.

It has a soft look, one you can find in a great deal of old European kitchens. It is perfect for those who want to add a luxe touch to the kitchen.

It is also useful in protecting children and pets. Employed by the best countertop manufacturers in the world, this edge finishing style is perfect for those who want to achieve a sophisticated look in their kitchen.


The square edge is another perfect option for achieving a traditional look to their countertops. It is very basic, but it can work well in your kitchen. This choice is for those who want a clean and straightforward look with their countertops.

Besides, it is a perfect choice for those planning to do a minimalist kitchen design or achieve a classic touch to their kitchen.

However, if you want to go for a modern look, this is not the best option. The square edge is recommended for traditional countertops.


A bullnose is a very popular choice among homeowners renovating their kitchens. It is a perfect kitchen countertop edge finish for those who want to achieve a modern look and sophistication to their kitchen.

Bullnose works for small kitchen spaces like the ones with breakfast bars and islands. This style is available in many colors, including white and black and stainless steel and wood.


If you love bullnose but want something more delicate and refined, you should opt for demi-bullnose. It is similar to the bullnose, but it includes a gentle curve at the edge of the countertop.

This style is perfect for those who wish to achieve a great deal of elegance in their kitchen. It has a sophisticated look and can be perfect for achieving a minimalist kitchen design.


The Dupont is a great choice when it comes to elegance and sophistication. This style should be perfect for those who want to achieve a luxurious look in their kitchen. 

The Dupont adds a perfect finishing touch to your space with a slight curve on the edge. This is a timeless look, as it is exquisite in its style.


The mitered edge is one of the primary kitchen countertop edge finishes. In fact, it is a standard edge finish, especially for those who wish to give their kitchen a new design.

It is a perfect option for people who want to achieve a traditional look in their kitchen. It is also a great choice to use in countertops that are a bit older than a more modern look.


When choosing the best kitchen countertop edge finish, you must remember that you need to choose one that will complement your kitchen design. It is best to have the entire design of your kitchen in mind to achieve the results you want.

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