How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Although Cutstone is most known for our countertop installations, we carry a variety of sinks to complement your space as well.

Sinks are the most used kitchen utensil nowadays, which means deciding on one that will withstand years of daily use is a very important task. From how much space you need in a sink to how much water flow you need from the faucet, we have all the tips you need to find the perfect fit for you.

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When choosing your sink, consider what you’ll be doing and how much room you will need to do it. If you are strictly a paper plate person, dirty dishes may not take up space as quick as you think. But for our clean freaks out there that need to hand wash everything, the roomier the better! We recommend going as large as your cabinet layout will allow to plenty of room to complete your kitchen duties.

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An important aspect of every kitchen is the location of the sink. While it is vital to have for certain tasks, it can also get in the way by not leaving enough counter space to work on. Consider your unused corner space. Not only is this a great compromise, but it also gives you the opportunity to choose a larger sink.

kitchen faucet

Our favorite part of a sink- the faucet. This is where you can add some creativity to your kitchen design. Keep in mind that some faucets have different water pressure than others, so you have to choose carefully. Which faucet is going to help get the job done quicker, yet still be appealing to the eye with somewhat of a unique touch? Shop around and test out which one will be the best for you.

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