Maximize your kitchen space with these tips!

Tiny houses are all the rage and for good reason. Not only are they a trendy and affordable housing option, but they also encourage healthy lifestyles and habits, and are environmentally friendly! And while minimalism sounds great in theory, many of us aren’t necessarily fans of sacrificing space, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

Trying to fit all of your fancy appliances and kitchen utensils in a small space can be tricky, but we have the solution! So whether you have a tiny house or just a smaller kitchen, here’s how you can maximize your cooking space and rid your home of clutter at the same time!

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Conquer those Corners: The trick to a small kitchen is to let no corner go to waste. From lazy susans to a series of drawers, filling those awkward corner spaces with bulky pots and pans or turning the space into a spice rack is a lifesaving project when storage space is limited. And if you want to free up some counter space, try rethinking the sink and sticking it in the corner!


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Work with your walls: In a small space, you need every inch of your counter. So rather than storing your knife block or olive oil jars on the workspace, why not use them as part of your kitchen design? Hang a few shelves, use a few hooks and use them as an addition to your kitchen decor. Not only are you freeing up extra space for chopping and stirring, but you eliminated the need to decorate the walls. Genius.


Find those Forgotten Spaces: For smaller kitchens, it may be hard to find space to stash all your knick knacks. Think outside the box by transforming unused spaces (like under your bench in the breakfast nook) into a quirky space for kitchen items that aren’t used as often!

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