Countertop recommendations For Homeowners who Cook

Kitchens are more than just shiny appliances, a storage unit for dishes and a place to put meals on the table. The kitchen is a magical place where Christmas cookies are baked, where guests congregate during the holiday party, and where bonding happens over burnt dinners. If you spend a lot of time cooking or baking, then investing in a durable countertop material that won’t have you following your house guests around with a wet rag will make your space even more enjoyable!

Whether you are an amateur home chef or a culinary pro, these are the three countertop materials you should consider for a practical and durable kitchen workspace.



Granite is a popular choice for homeowners who love to cook and spend time in the kitchen due to its incredible durability. Not only are granite surfaces beautiful, but they also hold up well against spilled substances, knife cuts and hot pots and pans. They also require  minimal daily maintenance to keep them looking their best, even for the messiest of chefs. So you can go ahead and entertain with ease, or let the kiddos dish out their best creations!


Not every stone is a good choice when it comes to a busy kitchen.  Quartz is a great alternative for homeowners because it mimics the look of stone yet requires little maintenance, and is heat and scratch resistant. You don’t even have to apply a sealer, so that means more time cooking and less time cleaning. You can check out a few other advantages of quartz here.


You don’t see soapstone very often in homes, which is exactly why you should consider it. Not only is it incredibly heat resistant and naturally sanitary, but it also makes a statement with its dark grey color and matte finish. The downside to soapstone, however, is that is softer than other natural stones which can cause scratches and cuts much like marble etching. But many homeowners actually enjoy the look. If not, a mineral oil can quickly remove most marks.


For more information about choosing a material for your home, you can visit our countertop comparison guideline, where we break down different options and materials you can use in your home.

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