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Hacks and Facts About Your Marble Countertops

Marble is a lovely natural stone. Homeowners have long prized it for its timeless and elegant look, not to mention its connotations with luxury. Its distinct and rich texture are some of the reasons it has been utilized in monuments throughout the globe. Marble is now frequently seen in houses in various applications, including kitchen and bathroom worktops, kitchen backsplashes, and flooring. People choose it above other materials because they know it will add the most value to their house.

However, there may be facts and hacks surrounding this unique stone that you are unaware of. Continue reading to learn fascinating facts and helpful hacks on your marble countertops. 

1. Marbles Are Sourced from the Mountains

Marble forms over millions of years when limestone undergoes recrystallization, a process in which it shifts chemically and physically towards something stronger and thicker. It is a metamorphic gemstone abundant in the mountains of North America, such as Vermont and Colorado, and South America, Asia, and Europe, most notably in Italy.

2. No Two Slabs of Marbles Are Exactly Alike

No two blocks of marble are alike, much as no two snowflakes or fingerprints. Its veining, caused by mineral deposits, distinguishes it from piece to piece. Marble is the ideal material to choose if you want a one-of-a-kind appearance for your flooring or worktops.

3. Impurities Make Marble Unique

Marble slabs are found in colors other than white and gray, including white, black, greyish, yellow, green, pink, and gold. Rich hues and veining are, strangely, the consequence of impurities present during the recrystallization process, such as sand, silt, and clay. These flaws result in the lovely marbles that most people appreciate.

4. Marble Is Always on a High-Maintenance Care

Marble is not renowned for being low-maintenance. It is not heat resistant, it quickly scratches, and it may chip if a heavy stockpot is inadvertently smashed against it. If you have marble countertops in the kitchen, use cutting boards and exercise caution while cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes or lemons since they may react with the marble and render etch. Choose honed marble to avoid etching and scarring, which gives it a matte finish. You may also use sandpaper to gently and carefully remove blemishes and scratches.

5. You Need to Keep Wiping Water Away

Even though your marble kitchen and bathroom countertops have previously been sealed, they are still susceptible to certain chemicals. Because this natural stone is so porous, even water may create stains under certain conditions. The ideal approach is to clean everything that comes into touch with marble quickly. In this case, paper towels or a lint-free cloth are ideal. Once spills are absorbed, use a natural-stone granite cleaner to clean the surface. Use coasters in the kitchen and vanity trays in the bathroom instead of putting glasses or bottles straight on marble countertops. Use dining mats to preserve your marble breakfast counter.

6. A Little Scratch Can Go a Long Way

Marble can be costly, and there’s no need to outfit your kitchen with concrete marble countertops or tile your whole floor in it to add a luxe effect. What you need to keep in mind is that marble is prone to nicks and scratches. If you do not mind a little scratch, the material can go a long way. 

A marble’s charm is the patina that takes years to build. Therefore a marble’s look arises because of its imperfections. Marble is also known to absorb oils from the skin, taking on colorations from the hands of those who gather and cook in your kitchen. So in living with a marble piece, embrace stains, etching, and wear and tear. Think of them not as imperfections but as reminders of the life lived in your house.

Final Thoughts

In the home, marble is a versatile piece: flooring, wall cladding, kitchen backsplashes, and more. Marble is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom. It’s gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, and long-lasting enough to work in any household. Furthermore, being a natural stone that has been used as a classical item for many years, it will undoubtedly stay popular as long as it can be. Marble is a beautiful accent to any house, big or small.
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