Solving The Bathroom Remodeler’s Stone Choice Dilemma

Stone is an excellent choice for use in your bathroom remodel. They are  easy to maintain, available in a wide variety of colors and textures, and have a great return on investment. From the vanity to the shower, here are a few guidelines to choosing the right material for your bathroom project.




Bathroom surfaces don’t typically face the abuse of hot pans or sharp knifes, but that doesn’t mean that every stone is a good idea in your bathroom. When deciding on a material, we recommend choosing a functional work surface that has the right blend of aesthetics and durability to fit the demands of your space.

  • GRANITE: Granite may be one of the most expensive bathroom material options, but it is also incredibly strong and has a high resistance to damage. When sealed correctly, granite doesn’t mind getting wet, which is ideal for around a sink, tub or shower. 
  • QUARTZ: If you’re on the hunt for an upscale look without the maintenance, this is it. Quartz is a great option for homeowners not only for its beauty, but also its resistance. The material is non-porous, which means that it will stand up against cosmetics and oils, and will not harbor bacteria or viruses. 
  • MARBLE: Marble’s timeless beauty and it’s natural resistance to heat makes it a popular choice for a bathroom countertop. But while it may be in demand for its elegant look, it does require extra precautions. The main problem with marble is etching, which is caused by acidic foods, drinks or harsh cleaning products, which is easily avoided after learning how to maintain your surface. 
  • ONYX: Onyx may offer a similar look to natural stone with its luxurious sheen and beauty, but they have many differences. While onyx is stunning (especially when backlit), it is also a very fragile and soft stone that requires a lot of maintenance. We recommend using onyx in a powder room or in a guest bath that isn’t used daily to keep the material looking good as new. 
  • SOAPSTONE: Because of its high resistance to heat and stains, this non-porous material is a perfect natural stone for your bathroom. And the good news is that soapstone countertops requires very little maintenance to keep it looking its best. From the countertop to the shower, Soapstone is very versatile and is perfect for any part of your bathroom design. 
  • TRAVERTINE: With its luxurious look and natural veining, travertine is a beautiful natural material for a bathroom remodel. Travertine is commonly used for flooring or shower tiles. While it can withstand extreme temperatures, it does take a little more time to care for than other natural stones. Travertine is is porous material, which means that it can be prone to damage if not sealed properly. However, it is typically available at a lower cost, making it a great alternative to other natural materials.

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