Top Countertop Questions Answered by Professionals

If you’re planning a kitchen upgrade (or any other upgrade in your home), you probably have quite a few questions. You’re probably wondering how we estimate the timeline of a remodeling project or the steps you should take to protect your countertop after it has been installed. You’re probably curious about how to prepare for a renovation, what the workflow will be like and if certain projects will boost your home’s value.




Most likely the thought of all these questions has you feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now! If you are, then you’re in the right place. At Cutstone, we take pride in improving your home without complicating your life along the way. Your questions, no matter how trivial you think they are, are not trivial to us!

We get asked a lot of questions during the renovation process, so we grabbed Korey Nations, Owner of Natco Construction and nagged him for the answers to your common inquiries!


  • How long does a kitchen remodeling project typically take from start to finish?Remodeling projects on average take 5-6 weeks, but it really depends.
  • How much does a kitchen or bathroom project usually cost?
    Kitchen: $35k – $50k (not including appliances)
    Bathroom: $15k
    Master Bath: $25k – $40k
  • Why do renovation projects always seem to take longer than expected?
    A few things that can stall a project is not making final selections prior to the project’s start date, material lead times and labor backlogs.
  • What should a client expect during a renovation?
    The schedule is set but flexible. Also, the client should expect a mess during the process, but it will all be cleaned up!
  • Do you markup for materials and why?
    No. We do charge pass-through costs (fees paid to other companies that handle materials)  and an O/H fee.
  • There are so many countertop choices, how do you help your client narrow them down?
    I always present clients with the pros and cons of material types and show pictures of prior jobs based on the homeowner’s lifestyle. Customers are always sent to Cutstone to view materials and discuss choices to fit their budget and lifestyle.
  • What countertop material do you recommend most frequently to clients?
    Recommendations are made based on lifestyle.  Quartz is frequently recommended due to ease of care and the myriad of options available.
  • What features typically cost the most during a kitchen remodeling project?Appliances, cabinets, kitchen countertops and plumbing fixtures will cost the most.
  • What advice do you have for a client on a tight budget?
    Don’t change the layout of the space! Work with what you have by refreshing and updating surfaces and cabinets instead of replacing them. I also recommend using entry-level granite for clients who want the look of granite but don’t want to spend a lot.

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