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Why Is A Marble Countertop The Best Option For You?

For your kitchen, marble countertops in Birmingham, AL, have many unique benefits, but it also presents some challenges for homeowners unfamiliar with the material. Using this brief information, you can decide if a marble countertop is the best option for you.

Nothing compares to marble’s unparalleled elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of Roman art. Since the material has had thousands of years to build a devoted following, homeowners have historically preferred it.

If you’re replacing your kitchen counters, it’s time to look outside the box and use marble worktops.

Marble has many benefits in addition to its beautiful appearance. For instance, did you know that marble is one of the most affordable countertop materials on the market?

Because it is so widely accessible, Carrara marble, a typical white marble from Italy, is one of the least-priced options. 

Naturally, it depends on the type you buy. Premium stone that costs more and is rare, like Calacatta marble, has more lovely veining on a whiter surface but is more expensive because it is more expensive since it is rarer.

Homeowners commonly refer to marble countertops as “the jeans of countertops.” Comparable to a favorite pair of blue jeans, marble surfaces age well and have a more natural character.

If you want to organize numerous bake offs during a heat wave, marble is heat resistant (to a point).

Why Is A Marble Countertop The Best Option For You? 

Would a marble countertop be useful, in your opinion? The amount of work you put into your countertop will depend on the countertop you choose and how much time you are ready to devote to it.

Regardless of how you look at it, marble countertops are an investment like investing for six months. Due to its high porosity, marble is very porous and susceptible to stains, such as those from wine, which are difficult to remove after they have penetrated the stone. You should reseal your countertop every six months with a quality sealer to help keep it protected.

Marble is also much softer than any other natural stone, which makes it far more prone to scratches. Belts, jewelry, and other accessories should be kept at a distance.

However, if you try to keep your countertops spotless, they will be incredibly kind to you and continue to look fantastic as they age. Marble may be your finest alternative if you’re willing to put in the effort to achieve a great appearance.

How to Choose Marble Countertops

No marble kitchen countertops in Birmingham, AL, are the same, just like no two ideal pairs of jeans. Before you purchase countertops, bear in mind the following recommendations.

Avoid White Marks

Stick to white marble if you frequently cook or bake or are a parent of young children and are worried about stains.

Contrary to what many people think, marble is available in various hues, including black, red, and taupe. Use just white garments, though, if you’re worried about stains. Despite what could appear to be a contradiction, there is a good reason: On slabs of colored marble, the faint acid etching mark is much more noticeable.

Positive proof Traditional white marble has several affordable substitutes available.

Assemble The Components

Working with natural stone is lovely since each block is so distinctively individual. However, this also provides some unique installation challenges because you don’t want your kitchen to look unkempt.

Consider How The Slabs Will Fit Together 

The ideal technique is to think of marble veining as a painting. You want the veining to look continuous to avoid drawing attention to the seam. The best option is to locate a longer, seam-free piece. If seams are required, make careful to book-match them, so the slabs seem mirrored.

Check The Gradations In The Veins

Each marble chunk is unique due to its peculiar veining pattern. Even identical slabs cut from the same quarry have the potential to differ greatly from one another. Most people are unaware of the potential for creating a certain veining pattern.

Everything is based on the stone’s cutting technique. Slabs with a striped, linear pattern are carved using a vein cut. A cross-cut, which divides the marble in the other direction and produces a more random, open flower pattern, is more suitable for you if you want to book-match marble across seams.

Understand The Distinction Between Fissures and Cracks

You should be informed of the condition of the marble before purchasing it from a shop. Fissures and fractures are surprisingly instructive on that front, but it’s important to remember that they’re two different things.

A fracture in the stone is a typical element that adds personality to it without compromising its integrity. 

On the other hand, a crack is a clear sign that a slab has been dropped or handled carelessly. You can distinguish between the two by running your fingernail over them; a fissure won’t grab your fingernail.


Kitchen countertops made of marble or even granite countertops in Birmingham, AL, could be a pleasant accent that lifts the room’s spirit and appearance. Additionally, if you find the right company to help you, you will be able to get the gorgeous marble countertops of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for granite for a lavish aesthetic or marble for timeless elegance, we at Cutstone Company have something to suit your demands and your style that won’t break the bank. Schedule a free consultation today for marble countertops in Birmingham, AL

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